11-01-11 02:17 PM
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  1. Phil DeLong's Avatar
    I think CB Kevin said that in one of the latest podcasts.. That the new qnx phones would resemble shrunk down playbooks....

    And i think that would be awesome. I am not optimistic that they will be out when RIM says... but they will be spectacular... the device would remind me of something out of a sci fi show.

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    If they could get it out by May it would definitely be a frontrunner for my upgrade, I'm just afraid that's not going to happen.
    10-30-11 04:39 PM
  2. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    I had a dream this would be something like ... (already posted elsewhere in the forum)

    call me a dreamer
    10-31-11 12:00 PM
  3. eds817's Avatar
    I found the first line to pretty funny...

    "During RIM’s last quarterly results it was promised by Mike Lazaridis, co-CEO of RIM.."

    After all that has been promised with regard to the PlayBook I won't believe anything I read about RIM products until they make the release announcement themselves.

    I'm not happy that it has come to this.
    10-31-11 01:17 PM
  4. rcheung135's Avatar
    I had a dream this would be something like ... (already posted elsewhere in the forum)

    call me a dreamer
    First thought that came to my mind was... OMG BATTERY LIFE.
    11-01-11 01:02 AM
  5. tkwolf's Avatar
    Am i the only one who isn't so glad that it will be THINNER than the 9900?
    The 9900 s thin as it is with some compromises, i don't want any more compromises like auto focus and battery capacity. Not to mention, thinner phones might mean that it's more prone to breaking cos it will probably be fragile. Just my 2 cents
    11-01-11 01:14 AM
  6. chunt69's Avatar
    strange rumours, maybe setup to give us OS 7 users hope that we'll get and upgrade to bbx lol
    That would make no sense though as they would just bring out bbx as an OS upgrade to the 9860 and need no colt lol.
    11-01-11 03:12 AM
  7. rcheung135's Avatar
    Like I said in my original post, these rumours are probably wrong. I couldn't help but notice someone who tagged "please ban recheung135". Hahaha...
    11-01-11 05:38 AM
  8. Concession's Avatar
    I wouldn't be too surprised if most of the info there is right.

    A "Buttonless" phone is very possible with the various updates RIM has been making the Playbook (it would still need a power button to turn it on). They already added power, brightness adjustment to the top bar, and the playbook has always come out of standby with a swipe across the screen. They'd just need to have volume control in the top bar, which they mentioned in the beta zone survey.

    Really hope it is 4.3". It is small enough that you can do everything with one hand, but large enough that you can stare at it for extended period without too much strain. I have a friend with a Galaxy S II. Great screen size.

    It would be very smart for RIM to give it the same screen resolution as the Playbook, that way all Playbook apps would work on it on day 1. That would save them from reviewers saying it has no apps, just not as many apps as the competition. When the Playbook came out it got blasted because it actually had nothing, now it is at least starting to accumulate something respectable (and will hopefully continue to grow).

    It has to have at a minimum 1.2 GHz Dual core processor. It must have better specs than the iPhone 4s - it came out with dated specs, and this would be coming out half a year later. I think 1 GB of RAM is guaranteed.

    My only real gripe with the rumoured specs would be the lack of a removable battery. I really doubt the "colt" will have 10+ hour battery life, so there will be days it dies before you get home. It's your Blackberry, you can't afford to have it die on you.

    Ah well. It is fun to speculate but have to wait till February for it to be announced. I'm expecting it to be announced alongside BBX 2.0 .
    11-01-11 02:17 PM
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