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    If you are somewhat nervously concerned about the future of BlackBerry ,I would tend to will agree with you. Mr. Chen is doing what I believe any paid CEO would do, namely seeking to turn the fortunes of the company he was employed to lead. Let's be fair here, he wasn't hires to turn BlackBerry into Apple, that's clear. Not in any way taking away any possibility of a sustained recovery.

    I believe he has shown some level of tact and forward thinking in a realistic fashion regarding the fortunes of the company he leads. Two or three new products will not pull BlackBerry out of the mire immediately, medium terms gains maybe modest at best. But do appreciate, something has been done to stem the hemorrhaging is hard cash.

    BlackBerry is in a position whereas gleaning on the mistakes and fortunes of the past, they can create a good ROI for investors. There's still Q3&4 to come effectively speaking, and JC and company will need to keep focused with the holiday season around the corner.

    At this stage, baby steps and gradual increase in consistent market performance is the order of the day. Here's wishing John Chen and company two good last Q's of 2014. Cheers !

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    08-18-14 08:42 PM
  2. CanuckBB's Avatar
    He was hired to do what every CEO coming into a situation like BlackBerry was in. Namely, right the ship to make it appealing to stockholders. Either as a long term investment, or as a viable takeover target.
    08-19-14 03:55 PM

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