1. Tank1978's Avatar
    i think blackberry has the edge over apple in regards to selection. with that said, they cant please everyone. i think RIM has to keep it fairly simple. i think in this age an all touch screen is a must!! it clearly is the new age phone.. i also think they need to keep a phone with the keypad. maybe a bold 9900 style with a slightly bigger screen, and perhaps a slider phone, with the 9900 keypad... the 9900 keypad is the best keyboard i have ever used, by far!

    The next thing they must do is market the sh#@ out of the new phones and playbook come 2012... i saw an co.mercial add on blaxkberry.com they could use... but they have to be put on tv. im seeing to many samsung and iphone adds, and NO blackberry commercials

    12-10-11 10:03 AM