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    Yes, those are the only visible differences aside from colour schemes.
    the Curve 83xx was the best selling smartphone in it's prime for a reason:
    It was not the best smartphone out there in terms of hardware, nor was it the worst. But it was (to me) the best designed Blackberry ever, because when you had one in your hand it felt just right. the hardware never creaked or flexed, and it wasn't so thin that it was felt weird (8900).
    To quote from A poll I ran:
    most people with experience of the two series' feel that the 83xx is built stronger. I have both here and my thoughts are that the 83xx as a premium device (in its day) has more detail, rigidity and strength to it.

    Maybe more importantly, the 83xx keyboard is more contoured and easier to type on; the 85xx is flatter and fiddly.

    You can press the screen of the 85xx inwards and make it go all wobbly, the 83xx however might break your thumbs first.

    I'm looking for an upgrade this year, a key requirement for me will be that the phone is as physically tough as the 8310 I'm running right now; it just seems more money and thought went into the design of the body.
    So the 9300 should be pretty much identical except with minor hardware upgrades:

    trackpad. of course - the trackball is going the way of the scrollwheel. It would be nice if the trackpad had a little more friction to it, but I guess that would interfere with the optical.
    OS 5 or OS 6. the original curve had a very stable OS version and that should be the case of the 9300
    3.2MP camera. a camera just like the Storm 1 and 2 would be perfectly fine, but keep the flash!
    480x360 screen. qvga should be phased out.
    HSPA on the gsm version. really, it's time.
    wifi, gps, bluetooth standard. maybe not wifi on the 9330, but everything else should be standard
    and then the rest of the internals should be a good balance between power and price.
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    I agree with this being the best built BlackBerry. I have large hands so the keyboard was harder for me but besides the insides of it I loved this phone. I kept this even after purchasing and selling other devices.
    04-24-10 01:53 PM
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    I've got on and it may be getting old but I still love it more then my friends pearl (obviously) and even my other friends 9000, I do like the 9700 because its still small but I like the curve keys better.
    I agree they should build something similar to the 8300 series, maybe not exact but pretty close. By the way. The mock up is just pure win!

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    04-27-10 03:07 AM
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    i think my favorite berry would be a beefed 9700 internally (faster proc, tons of memory wifi gps 5mp af camera) with the case/keyboard of the 8330 and of course trackpad along with touchscreen.....the screen doesnt need to be big just so that i can use it to flick the browser around and then use the trackpad to click on links n stuff.......
    04-28-10 12:34 PM
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    I think all they need to do is put all of the guts from the 9100 into the old curve case and stick on a trackpad.

    Also, I was looking at the photoshop and I believe it would look better if I removed the chrome from around the trackpad.

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    I think the 85XX feels right too compared to the 83XX... What's the problem with the 85XX?
    04-29-10 03:07 PM