1. gorith's Avatar
    Before I get blasted for this, I have only used photoshop about 3 times before, so be gentle. (also my first thread!!)

    So this is my mockup device. Surepress like the Storm2, SureType keyboard like the Pearl 9100, size of Bold 9700. After making this I found out that the rumoured 9900 is a full keyboard with touchscreen (supposedly). I used the pearl keyboard, because I had an 8130 for a while before getting a 9550. I still use the SureType keyboard today because it feels more natural for me.

    thoughts? comments?
    07-17-10 12:43 PM
  2. deGrate's Avatar
    This is practically the Blackberry Dakota.

    The 9900 is the same as the 9700 except it has a non-surepress touchscreen, 5.0MP cam and 512mb in app mem.

    The Dakota has all of that, except it's a curve styled phone with no navigation device (trackball or trackpad), with NO surepress.
    07-17-10 01:24 PM
  3. gorith's Avatar
    like I said; I found out that there was one similar to my idea after I had photoshopped it, but I decided to post it anyway. i just googled the dakota, and yes mine does look a lot like it. I didn't even know about the dakota until you just told me....I had heard of the 9900, after i made that picture.
    07-17-10 02:21 PM