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    BlackBerry Visa: Speculation, Or Real?

    Chances are, youve heard the codename BlackBerry Visa before. If so, this post is definitely for you.

    It became apparent today that an individual has been posting some rather less than honest things about the device. Rather than allow the community to be mislead, Im going to clear the air on some things in regards to the project.

    What sparked the original speculation about the device?

    In mid-September, some patent drawings from BlackBerry popped up around the internet, fuelling speculation about a new device with an interesting design:


    But is there actually a device like this in the works?

    In short, yes.

    In fact, there are two separate devices in testing which utilize this concept.

    The BlackBerry Passport, before its official release, was known as the Windermere but there was actually two versions of the device the second codenamed the Wichita. This is the same general method being used with the BlackBerry Visa, and its counterpart carries the codename Victoria.

    There was a third prototype for this concept, although it appears to have been scrapped.

    Before I get to specs, Im sure youd like to know what exactly makes the device so special and unique. The BlackBerry Visa (as well refer to it henceforth) is the first of a new series in the BlackBerry 10 family. referred to as a Hybrid device as it integrates both a physical keyboard and a 16:9 Touch Display.

    Rather than slap a keyboard on a tall device, BlackBerry is working on a semi-hidden keyboard as youll see in this diagram:

    600x366xSlider_pic2-600x366.png.pagespeed.ic_.tmIvgFw1f_ Im sure by now all the BlackBerry Torch / Slider fans have rejoiced, but the Visa is actually quite the interesting device and hardly alike the old legacy days with broken mechanisms.

    Check out this drawing, where youll see roughly how the keyboard actually stows-away:


    Youll notice that one row of the keyboard remains visible, while two rows are stored just underneath in a compartment. According to select information, the top row of the keyboard is actually touch-sensitive, which Passport users will feel familiar with. Use this static row to scroll through web-pages, apps, swipe to delete text, and a lot more.

    Another interesting piece of information to mention which Im sure some are questioning is how will the mechanics of the sliding keyboard actually work. Well, youll be glad to know BlackBerry is investigating an automated slide in which the OS signals the keyboard to eject for usage.

    For example, if a user selects a text field the physical keyboard will present itself. Of course, BlackBerry isnt planning on leaving out a Virtual Keyboard option for the users who want to use a combination of the methods.

    Visa Specifications*

    Visa_Ad*Specs are always subject to change, the above information is according to the best of my knowledge

    Model ID: SHV100-1 (NA), SHV100-2, SHV100-3
    Visa: 5.2″ 1080p LCD Display (423ppi)
    Victoria: 5.5″ 1440p LCD Display (534ppi)
    Dimensions: W
    MSM8974 (Quad-Core) Qualcomm Krait 400
    3GB RAM
    32GB User Storage
    Battery: Non-Removable (3450mAh, 3650mAh, 3880mAh)
    Rear Camera: 13MP Sony OIS
    Front Camera: 2MP
    29 Key Backlight Physical Keyboard, Virtual On Screen Keyboard
    Right Side: Lock / Power Key
    Left Side: Volume Up + Down, Mute Key, USB 2.0 + SlimPort HDMI
    Top: 3.5mm Headset Jack
    Metal Chasis
    OS 10.3.2
    Colours: Black & White

    The BlackBerry Visa is expected around the end of Q2 2015 (Summer 2015), and requires OS 10.3.2 Minimum.

    As detailed above, BlackBerry is still experimenting with certain hardware aspects such as screen tech, and battery capacity (Keep in mind, devices do get canned. There are no guarantees on pre-release devices).

    Well keep you updated as new information comes in, and Ill show more angles of the device over the coming days / weeks (the renderings shown in this article are based off early prototypes). You should expect John Chen to show off a working device in March, in addition to hopefully one other device.

    Are you interested in the BlackBerry Visa?

    We consider it to be the Passport Touch counterpart, although it marks a new era of Hybrid devices.

    Have questions about the device? Feel free to ask, and well do our best to answer them in a following post.
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    Why did you straight up copy and paste the article? Not only is that against the forum rules, you offered none of your own thoughts or opinions on it. I suggest you read the forum rules and then try again. Also, you could join some of the already existing discussions. http://forums.crackberry.com/rumored...a-news-984116/
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    Citation needed, for sure
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