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    Coming soon to Verizon the STORM 4 LTE version renamed HURRICANE CAT4(CATEGORY 4) with the following specs super sleek titanium housing, 1.5 ghz snapdragon,2 gb ram 2gb flash memory, 32 gb sd card, 8 mb camera, 720 hd video recording, HDMI, New OS with widgets, Super 4.5" screen with 16:9 HD resolution, 802.11n WiFit with hot spot for 5 devices, extra long life battery, world editon quad band 4G. to be released DECEMBER 7 2010 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ stiring in bed, No Damm it was just another dream sorry folks but we can only hope Rim reads this and grants our wishes so we dont have to leave for droids
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    08-31-10 10:57 PM
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    Lets hope you are a Someone who speaks by divine inspiration; someone who is an interpreter of the will of God, a prophet.
    09-01-10 06:15 AM
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    you know at first I was like why are you talking about a hurricane in here cuz it's weather but I guess that wasn't it. I'll wait until I see some hard facts on this.
    09-01-10 06:37 AM
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    This post shouldn't be under rumored devices. This is a dream and no basis in reality. Can someone lock this thread? Only post if you have sources, links, etc.
    09-01-10 08:25 AM
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    Someday that will be a rumored device... just need to get in my Delorean and head to 2015!
    09-01-10 09:19 AM
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    Wasn't it being used in Back to the Future? I thought it was what Doc used to power the flux capacitor.
    09-01-10 11:25 AM
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    More likely it will be the Storm renamed to the "Drizzle" with a whopping 328mhz processor (think of the battery life!), 128mb RAM (more than enough!), 1gb sd card (who needs it anyways?), 320x240 screen with new and improved video software, packaged on a 2.1" screen. 8021.11b wifi, and instead of a hotspot, included is a list of available wi-fi access points in your state. the Drizzle will have GPRS/EDGE only, none of that 3/4g / HSPA confusing stuff... it will weigh less than the current model because the flash memory has been decreased, and storage memory completely removed...again who needs it...weight and battery life trump everything! On sale now for 199...I mean, 149...oops 99...hey! 49...oh well, its free on contract.

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    09-01-10 01:19 PM
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    some people on here take life too seriously..
    09-01-10 02:24 PM
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    No, you are not 100% right...
    This specs. do fit to the storm 40, which will be launched Q3 in 2043
    09-01-10 06:04 PM
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    No, you are not 100% right...
    This specs. do fit to the storm 40, which will be launched Q3 in 2043

    However, I don't give up on RIM. Who knows, they might eventually launch a Blackberry that won't be bashed with criticism.
    09-01-10 06:25 PM
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    Let's all stick to our own BB here folks, instead of dreaming and talking about the future.

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    09-01-10 06:33 PM
  12. rookie83#CB's Avatar
    Im glad some saw the dry humor in this, I am still hoping to stick with RIM if the new STORM 4 lives up to everyones expectations and competes with the other phones out and getting released!
    09-04-10 08:58 PM