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    BlackBerry Shadow
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    i thought we agreed that the colt was to have a 4.3 inch display?

    obviously a fanmade pic.

    i doubt RIM would put "BlackBerry" in solid white at the bottom. Solid white on the phones go on top.

    i think thats a Torch.
    i like it though.

    EDIT: I just want to point out that the first picture was something different.
    Hence what I wrote above.
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    People should at least put some effort inthese things. It's just a Storm 2 with a Playbook screenshot on the screen.
    09-19-11 08:39 AM
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    No front camera????
    09-19-11 10:16 AM
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    Why did Shao128 lock the other thread and point to this one? the other one has a more plausible picture. and specs. (unless the OP changed the attached picture, in which case here you go)

    BlackBerry Shadow

    - Dual-Core processor 1.5 GHz
    - RAM 1 GB
    - BlackBerry QNX 1.0
    - BBM for QNX 1.0
    - Android Player for QNX
    - 4.2 inch widescreen with BriskPixel display
    - 1280 by 720 pixel resolution
    - 8.0 megapixel still camera with LED flash
    - 1.3 megapixel front camera
    - 1080p video recording up to 30 frames per second with audio
    It seems like a nice device with a big screen, but the big news is the "Blackberry" logo being on the bottom. (like the PlayBook).
    If all QNX devices do this, this could be an easy indicator to distinguish between BBx and QNX devices.

    I can't see the sides, but I'm guessing that this either has a shiner chrome wrap (like the Curve 9360) that isn't visible from the front, or that the visible chrome is actually reversed (sides are to back, and top/bottom are to front)

    I doubt that it would be running BlackBerry QNX 1.0 though; as it would implement the upgrades to the PlayBook's QNX.

    looks like there's some room above and below the screen to allow for bezel swipes; though I will sorely miss the BB4 buttons.
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