07-12-13 09:42 AM
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    I keep thinking about what Thor said about the future of the tablet.

    And what is basically rumored. Blackberry (BBRY) intends on letting your smartphone be the brains and power behind other devices in your homes. This is historically known as thick and thin clients. Think of a server with alot of storage, memory and CPUs in it. Those were connected to cheap terminals with a monitor, keyboard and mouse. So all the cost was in the servers. Adding clients was inexpensive.

    This is where I and some others think BBRY is going. Your Z10, Q10, Q5, future products (Aristo), etc can act as thick clients. These things are extremely powerful in historical terms. 2 GHz, quad core with 2+ GB of memory. It's incredible when you think about it. These kind of specs top laptops from 3 years ago.

    My proposal is that these BB10 devices will get mated to thin clients like tablets. They will be cheap though. You don't need to mirror the processing power of your smartphone in the tablet. It's expensive and kind of silly when you think about it. You have almost identical devices. You can't use both at once. And they are expensive.

    I was checking prices for high end tablets. Samsung has a tablet for $800! And a high end smartphone is about $600.
    For those two items, you need $1400! That's crazy.

    I think BBRY is thinking about it. If they are not developing it yet, they need to ASAP!
    A Z10 is $600. A cheap 9" Kindle Fire HD is $260. I chose this because it has a 1080p screen. That's with 16 GB of storage on board. 32 GB is a $30 upgrade. So, let's say you only need 8 GB of storage for a thin client, you spend $15 less. It's got a dual core CPU. Well, you don't need that. Single core is plenty on a thin client. Not sure what the savings would be on a single core device. Let's just say $15 for sake of discussion. I'll also ignore things like the fact that you don't need things on your tablet like bluetooth (debatable) or GPS. You should easily be able to get a 9" "thin" tablet for under $200. But you link it to your new Z10 and walla:

    $600 Z10 + thin tablet ($200) = $800
    Oh, and when you upgrade that Z10 to an Aristo, your tablet doesn't change but it just got alot more powerful! Also, people buy smartphones on contract so people don't think about price too much since it is subsidized. And a$200 tablet that is as powerful as a $800 Android tablet? SOLD! I'll buy one on principle of low cost.

    There you have it. The thin tablet. The 6th BB10 device for the year ;-)

    I'd like to add that having Aristo and this tablet ready for a one, two punch for x-mas buyers would be KILLER!

    Sorry if I ran on a bit. It's midnight and I need to go to bed.
    This is exactly what TH is doing. Ever heard of the rumored PlayBook 2??? There's articles already about it. TH already has a team working on it so hopefully we'll see it by the end of the next quarter.

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    07-10-13 10:47 PM
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    [QUOTE=Brutal Efficiency;8715927]Well, I think that having the tablet as a thin client (BlackBerry phone as thick client) and an ear piece would be the best combination. It means I could sit down all day, if I wanted to, and do business, etc, on my tablet. I can take calls and send texts without having to pick up my phone. The phone could be sitting on charge somewhere, and the tablet (with reduced innards) would be capable of having very large battery without making the device bulky.

    Yes, you have the right idea here. The phone will also dock directly to the (thin-tablet), and allow for the phone to take a charge, if required while mobile. Remember also, that bluetooth keeps getting 'faster', think of bluetooth's future like LTE....
    07-11-13 08:16 PM
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    Remember also, that bluetooth keeps getting 'faster', think of bluetooth's future like LTE....
    I would suspect that supporting wifi direct will be an easier way for this sort of stuff to get the speed it needs rather than bt.
    07-12-13 09:42 AM
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