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    A while ago I made it clear I was not interested in a BB10 phone. I still don't, but one fact has finally become clear to me:

    Because in the USA (and many other countries phones) are heavily subsidized by the carrier, customers are able to purchase higher end phones for less; and choose to do this. Customers will look at the specifications of phones, and will pay hundreds more for the higher end one; even if they don't fully understand how the higher specifications apply to them.

    I still stand by my belief that the BB7 devices are perfect, but now I realize that RIM should carry both BB7 and BB10 devices: BB7 for countries where customers want the familiar BB OS or a great phone at a decent price, and BB10 for customers that can afford and want the super high end phones. Thus, here's my idea for a concept phone:

    BlackBerry R800, codename "Vegas"
    • Processor: OMAP 5 series 5432 or similar
    • Key notes:
    • Dual core up to 2ghz
    • 28nm process (the PB's processor is 45nm, smaller means faster while lesser power consumption)
    • 1080p 3d decoding
    • Screen: 4.8", ideally 720p or close, gorilla glass 2. no 3D, as that's just a headache inducing gimmick. must be great quality.
    • stereo speakers (should reduce power when proximity sensor detects your ear)
    • The standard BB buttons (call answer, end, menu, and back). really, can you trust a BB phone without these?
    • High quality laser trackpad, that can be used as a joystick for games. detects when your thumb is on it, so games can have it reset position when your finger is off it and prevent accidental screen swipes when your finger is on it.
    • 8MP camera. ideally larger, but emphasis MUST be on picture quality.
    • 720p front camera, should be capable of decent video quality
    • BIG battery. Ideally should rival the Bold 9700's battery life, even if it makes this phone slightly thicker. Doesn't have to be removable. it's be nice, but that would cause concessions to be made.
    • 1GB RAM, 32GB storage. MicroSD slot
    • HDMI out, USB 3.0 OTG. bonus points if supports Sata 2.0.
    • Pentaband HSPA+ (AT&T and T-Mobile), Wifi N, LTE.
    • NFC, gyroscope, compass, aGPS, all that .

    OS: BB10. thought should be put into the build quality, but otherwise just find decent parts that meet these requirements. Support as many of these features as possible at launch, then have a realistic timeline for updates.

    Body: shouldn't have too much bezel surrounding the screen, try to be thin without sacrificing the internals.
    should be distinctively BB, but still standing out. if it has a chrome wraparound, make that a real metal, preferably an alloy that has the luster of white gold. maybe a rubberized back, but as long as it's not a flimsy fingerprint magnet.

    Price: $849 unsubsidized, $299 full term contract
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