06-16-14 03:54 PM
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    There's a danger of being drowned out by the media hype for all things Apple if it's launched around the same time.

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    Yes, but if most people get wowed by the media attention for the new device they will buy it, thereby renewing their contract. They aren't going to wait months for a device that is still months away and only rumored to be coming. By the time this new BlackBerry is released people will be tied into a contract and couldn't buy it if they wanted to.

    If BlackBerry release devices that are competitive then they don't have to worry about getting drowned out by Apple.

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    06-10-14 10:03 AM
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    Thurask: i know you're a great contributor to the CB community and you've helped me a lot without even knowing it!

    But what is your thoughts on this "classic" blackberry? I can't be the only one who thinks that the trackpad is useless with BB10! I mean c'mon, everything that was done with the trackpad is easily done with gestures on BB10, so why the hell is blackberry releasing this device?

    I know a lot of people are willing to buy it (from what i read on CB, and by a lot i don't really mean "Iphone like a lot"!), but i just don't get it! i loved the "belt" on my previous BB's (So did my GF before moving to iPhone), but since owning a Z10 and now a Z30 i don't miss it a bit!

    the "phone" icon is there, going "back" is easy, the "menu" is replaced by easily accessing the active frames, going "back" isn't that hard, "end" is replace by hitting the "X", i mean why the HELL do people need the belt?

    Like you said, "cave" men want this, but i can't be the only one that thinks that BB shouldn't focus on these people, since there's a lot of prosumers using iphones/androids without having any sort of track pad.

    I get it that BB is a niche player right now, and i've been loving this Co. for the last 4 years, loved the belt on my 9000, on my 9700, and on my 9900, but it just has no use on BB10 phones!
    Trust me with small moves on track-pad you can reach top to bottom of screen. its very useful while typing with both hands. that BB menu button is also useful while editing docs on small screen.
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    06-16-14 10:49 AM
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    It sounds like it will be a q4 2014 release with a major OS update to fully support the 64 bit chips in q3 2015.

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    06-16-14 03:54 PM
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