1. readingrainbow's Avatar
    I remember back when I had my World Edition 8830 and I was up for an upgrade I logged on here seeing if I could hear anything about a new BB coming out for VZW. Sure enough, threads popped up left and right with people talking about features, progress, release dates, etc. It seemed like it was all leak-driven. Now that I am up for an upgrade with my Tour (in May), I'm curious as to why I haven't seen any similar discussions. I have seen the "leaks" of the BB Montana (which seems like it is exactly what I am looking to move onto). But it doesn't seem like anyone really [I]knows anything about it. I've seen Q3 2011 on the so-called "roadmap", but that seems like an awful long time for something that has supposedly already been leaked with pictures and a bunch of specs. Anyway, I forget who the big authority was on the Tour was (I think it was something that abbreviated to CX or CZ or something), but I'm wondering if anyone has come into similar information for the Montana and if not, when we can generally be expecting to get some information based on past history.

    Kind of a stupid question I know but just curious.
    02-11-11 12:14 PM
  2. Skeevecr's Avatar
    That cdma roadmap seemed to be aimed at the smaller cdma carriers and as such the dates for VZW and Sprint are going to be sooner than the ones it showed e.g. it showed the 9330 launching at least a month later than it actually showed up.
    02-11-11 03:13 PM