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    OK, lol, I'm headed out right now to do as serious a comparison as I can, I'll report back! gotta love idle time

    EnergyPlus: Yeah, photoshop is the most popular photo app on android, only by name though. There are more sophisticated apps out there if needed. Just wanted to point out one to you.

    Did you ever take an SD card to put in the incredible to compare screens?
    06-09-10 02:37 PM
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    Let me know the results, really curious now. It's micro SD by the way, which I'm sure you know. I too think that plasma looks better (HD snob and early adopter). LCD though is so much cheaper so that is what I have at home and just claim the seat that is straight on
    06-09-10 02:55 PM
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    My VZW dealer is just two miles away, so your responses had me curious enough to hop over there and do a more detailed comparison. I should point out that the first few times I looked at the Incredible, it was either on a friend's phone or, one of those "we're not an authorized dealer per se, we just sell a bunch of devices" stores.

    I need to start right out by saying "Time for me to eat some crow." I will admit that the display on the device I was using, was far better than that of the display settings on either my friend's phone or that of the one in the be all store. I took the time to actually adjust the display settings in my VZW store to more closely approximate that of my S2. Big difference! As it was, the store model's display settings had been messed with and after I made the adjustments I could, there was, to my eye, a considerable improvement.

    Unfortuantely, I was unable to insert my card in the Incredible. The security device they have attached to the back of the phone, prevented me from removing the back. So, I went to one of the several websites I own (the non-flash-based ones) on both phones, and compared. Not quite as good as viewing the photos on the card, but close enough for this.

    The Incredible's display dimensions are different. I did not care much for the skinnier Incredible compared to my S2. Not a deal breaker for me, but not something that really attracted me, either. I suspect, down the road, this will become increasingly popular, so I'll eventually have to get used to it.

    With the revised display settings, the website photos on the Incredible were certainly 100% acceptable, far better than what I'd seen previously. In detailed comparisons of the same photo on both devices, I could see where the Incredible's increased colors capability was evident. In photos that I had converted to "rich tone black and white" leaving some component of the photo in color (i.e., I love photographing musicians and have numerous CD covers, posters, etc. to my credit). I have one photo of a saxaphone player that I converted to black and white, except leaving the sax in its original, gold-tone color, though slightly reduced. I love the shot and the effect. The subtlety of the black and white tones was fairly close on both devices and in some cases, I could see some hint of color on the Incredible that I could not see on my Storm. Sharpness wise, they both looked very similar though the Incredible may have had a slight edge (I suspect only because I was really looking for it).

    I then compared some other photos, several of which are very saturated with color (deliberate). Here, I was not as impressed with the Incredible. It appears to over-saturate, especially the reds. I could see this even on photos that were not saturated, but just "normal color." Again, not horrible, not a deal breaker, but it was pretty clear to me. My Storm did a better job. Keeping in mind that I had to compare both displays against my memory of how it appears on my calibrated desktop monitor, I determined neither of devices were equal to full potential, but this came as no surprise..it's a phone, for cryin' out loud, lol.

    So, overall, I'd say I have to revise my opinion. This was a pretty decent display, though a very limited test. I did notice that while I had the Incredible's display set on maximum brightness, it was still not as bright as my Storm 2, which is not on maximum. This, I believe, is an OLED issue and probably is partially the cause of the reported claims of the display being barely visible when viewing outdoors (the sales rep would not let me take the phone outdoors, lol).

    Since I was playing with this, I confirmed my preference for SurePress. The sales rep seemed surprised at this, he said "you're one of the very few...." but I know that there are many, many, as posted in these forums, that prefer SP, me being one of them. As I was attempting to zoom in on photos and move them around to compare similar areas, all too often, the Incredible would do something I did not want, it was not intended. I realize that may be partially due to familiarity, but I kind of suspect that in a crunch, when you're trying to do something quickly, it may be easier with SP than without.

    Bottom line, I retract some of my earlier impressions. It kills me to say I was w.... wrr....wro...sigh....wrong, but there it is, I was wrong (damn, that hurts)! I don't know if I can say "wow, that Incredible's display is SO MUCH BETTER than the Storm" but it's certainly good and I will no longer think of it as a "deal breaker." I should have known better than making an assumption based on some quick looks without being certain that I've worked to optimize things first!
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    Great to hear your comparison. You should have checked out some of your flash sites since the Droid Incredible supports flash
    06-09-10 08:21 PM
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    LOL..yeah, I knew that, but I didn't want to make my Storm, feel badly

    Great to hear your comparison. You should have checked out some of your flash sites since the Droid Incredible supports flash
    06-09-10 09:40 PM
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