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    Okay, I'm asking a question...but going down Android central I saw a post of the blackberry Venice being android possibly. Reading the comments I expected the typical "BlackBerry is dead" "They are still alive?" etc mind you there where a few of them (Maybe 2 or 3) but a lot of them where stating how they would buy it if it comes out android. People where saying how they missed there keyboard, how they love BlackBerry just that the app selection was a problem. I feel as though using android may help BlackBerry by a lot! Most Crackberry reader and current BlackBerry 10 users will agree with me that bb10 is way better than android, but I feel as though we should root for the success of the Android to help the Company we all love and maybe make better phones. When I say make better phones I really mean grab more people in to mark more apps for us. Example, Samsung, they use Android (Windows as well) And now are creating a new OS Called Tizen. There popularity with Android is helping them get more apps. The same can happen with BlackBerry! What I wanted to ask though is, do you think having android is a good thing? (Android central comments suggest they do- Many say they will purchase it)

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    08-23-15 04:16 AM
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    Android will help sales big way. I also hope that sellings will help hardware division and BB10 to stay alive.

    I am not an Android playboy but I am sure that sooner or later a BB10 version of the slider will emerge from deep waters.

    Then a comparison of the two versions will be made by everyone and...

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    08-23-15 06:07 AM

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