06-07-12 09:25 AM
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    9930 is great - I'm not keen on QNX. Who cares? If it won't work on BES, just wow. Its like the PB not having native EM.

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    10-16-11 04:36 PM
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    It can be a possibility but not sure yet.. And they should of made the bold or any of the OS7 devices have front facing camera

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    10-18-11 03:00 PM
  3. CharlieV's Avatar
    I hate to me too, but I think the OS7 is the way to go for the phone.

    RIM is bipolar. It knows that its core customer is a serious person, business and communications oriented. I am NOT a luddite... but it seems that Blackberry went downhill about the time it introduced touch screens. Why? Because it was trying to compete with Apple for the consumer space. I have other stuff with touch screens; my fat fingers fit their keyboards better and I don't have to have one key access to every little function (as I do on a BB phone) because, honestly, I am usually just fiddling when I am using one of the touch screen devices. BBOS wasn't built for touch screens and has been stretched about as far as it can go for that.

    Then, RIM took a two track approach with business oriented devices and consumer oriented devices, and that water got muddy. So here comes the Playbook... aimed specifically at business, BB, users--and took alot of heat when consumer activist types didn't get why it was different than the iPad and Xoom, or whatever; those are the same people who privately cry when they finally realize that their tablet is not a laptop replacement.

    Think about the difference between the person who, walking and whistling happily, carrying his latest phone bling as though holding hands with it, wiping every tiny smudge and speck of dust off of it, imagining a thousand and one uses for it, unable to use it because he only has a couple of hundred minutes talk time on his cell plan, sees a man in a suit, using his late model Blackberry, and thinks the man in the suit looks like a tired shoe salesman... versus the person who sees that same man in a suit and thinks he must be a serious person because he is using a purpose-built device. For a decade or more the latter was the universal impression. The former impression seems to be driving the cell phone and tablet market like too many lemmings.

    Pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered. RIM, formerly a pink, happy, well-fed pig, is trying to regain lost weight, surpass, and become a hog by trying to appeal to everyone.

    The QNX operating system is the wave of the future and probably a good idea, if only to keep RIM viable, but I don't think business users care about watching movies and playing games on their phones, for the most part. Icing on the cake, maybe, but not a GTD feature. Maybe RIM should have two lines... "Blackberry" for consumers, and "Crackberry" (paying Crackberry a handsome royalty for every sale) for their core business customers. A Crackberry Playbook would have been taken seriously.

    To address the real topic, I think the 9900/9930, as the pinnacle of BBOS7, is a tempting buy, whether or not it gets QNX in the future. Wouldn't it be funny if the QNX devices finally arrive, sans keyboard, and people who have waited months for the next best thing from Blackberry look at the battery life, lack of a keyboard, lack of LTE, etc.--but who still remember the ill-fated STORM, STORM II, and Torch lines--find themselves scrounging for 9900's?... at least the 9900's are likely to be selling for cheap at the point.

    My phone makes me money; I really don't mind spending a couple of extra bills every few months when I see a great one, both to stay current and avoid a contract. Maybe the 9900 is the ticket WITHOUT QNX. I personally doubt that BB will be updating the 9900 to QNX.
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    10-18-11 09:44 PM
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    QNX certainly doesn't need dual core, it's been around for decades and ran on low MHz systems for years. I'm not exactly sure why RIM says it needs dual core, maybe the version of QNX they're coding does, but I'm also seeing it as a strategy.
    10-19-11 06:45 AM
  5. emirozmen's Avatar
    Rumors on n4bb were suggesting that first bbx phone will feature a single core processor clocked at 1.2 Ghz.
    And I personally wouldn't like to see bbx on 9900. The phone already lags somestimes, I wouldnt like to see a phone 'not working'.
    10-29-11 04:40 PM
  6. rcheung135's Avatar
    I expect a QNX lite.
    11-01-11 04:34 AM
  7. BDLIVE4463's Avatar
    Now, now, lets not all hop on the flame train... BUT I've heard whispers from unconformable sources from within the RIM compound walls that BB7 devices (2011 - ) will get a BB10 update... Like I said, I can't confirm it and there's a possibility this person has no clue what they're talking about, but the specs are defiantly there. The 9900 has the same processor as some Android phones, and they run just fine.

    Assuming that the above speculation is true, I very much doubt BB7 phones will get any emulation / players. I assume that as long as the OS fits within the "app storage" apps can be installed to the media storage (8GB on the 9900). All in all, it's very plausible... just entirely up to RIM and what they want to put the effort into developing for.
    01-11-12 04:51 PM
  8. Alex_Hong's Avatar
    It would be interesting to see whether the bold would get BB10, but i'm not holding my breath unless i see something concrete. OS 7 works completely fine for me.

    Though if you think about it, bold with bb10 would have a to sacrifice bezel gestures as the device doesn't have the hardware to do so, unless RIM can find another way to implement it somehow??

    A more modern OS base is definitely a welcome for me.
    01-12-12 08:35 AM
  9. diegonei's Avatar
    Swipe from bottom = Hold Back key
    Swipe from top = Menu key
    Swipe from sides = Hold menu key
    Swipe from top right = End call key

    That's not the issue... The issue is hardware. I really don't think they can install the OS in the 8GB of media storage the 9900 has. It surely can't be done in the 768mb of RAM since it takes over 2GB of the PB's storage alone. I am fine with the processor and gpu being able to handle the OS thou.

    Don't get me wrong. It would be awesome if they could. But RIM is known for pushing new hardware and dropping the last gen of devices completely.
    01-12-12 09:54 AM
  10. Blackberry_boffin's Avatar
    Word is the platform need dual cores at the least.
    01-12-12 05:27 PM
  11. emirozmen's Avatar
    I dont think it will happen, but man! That picture is a tease!! I want it
    01-14-12 04:17 AM
  12. Alex_Hong's Avatar
    i'll be happy if they could just do a BBOS for 9900 with QNX as its base. Even if it looked similar. obviously, bezel gestures will be a problem. with a small screen, the carousel for minimised apps on home screen will look tiny too. The current system of just having the running apps' icon works fine for me anyway. QNX lite, yeah. but truth be told, maybe RIM should just focus on making the first BB10 phone first. haha.
    01-14-12 03:38 PM
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    Originally Posted by -111- View Post
    No mate

    OS 4.7 was on the 8900, 9000, etc. they were all upgradeable to OS 5!

    No mate. 4.7 was on the Tour and Storm1. 9000 shipped with 4.6 and 8900 with 4.6.1

    Well I have two 9000 Storm1 OS4.6 and updated it to OS5 yonks ago. No problems.
    I used the Australian T-mobile image for the Global 9030.
    05-26-12 01:13 PM
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    QNX for the Bold 9900 could be possible .. The playbook and 9900 both have an 1Ghz processor and RAM
    06-03-12 05:49 AM
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    Why do you believe so strong in QNX! It's a great OS, but it will take a lot of work to make a QNX phone as useable as OS7! Look at the playbook! It's a great device, but it's far behind BB-OS7!

    Exactly. Though it would be tempting to upgrade to BB10 - until it is actually released, all we can expect is a PBOS type experience right now. Whether you love it or hate it, OS7 & earlier are productive - something we haven't seen on the PB yet by any stretch.

    Another good reason why BB10 on the 9900 won't happen is the 'upgrade' path is non-existent. This would be a total wipe - no previous apps coming over, likely 0 credit from OS7 app dev's/RIM towards their BB10 versions - if they even have any replacements built for BB10. I would imagine this experience to be a bad one for most customers...

    Never say never, but I will say... FAT CHANCE!

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