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    Now it says June 2012. Who is this person relaying false information to the public?
    03-12-12 01:27 AM
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    note about 4G phones, -May 2012-

    There is basically three 4G non compatible systems, There is no FCC or EU agreement yet.

    The two winners will be : -
    1) LTE for the USA
    2) and a system for EU, has various names, trial is being done by BT in the UK in Cornwell, and the 4G antenna tender has been delayed due to the global money crisis, again reviewed by OfCom late 2012.

    for 3) option see below

    The issues to hand that 5G will overtake 4G anyway, 5G is WIFIMAX.
    Intel has been doing trials over the years in Sweden and Denmark over the years.
    UK - Milton Keynes and Norwich have have 5G trails.

    WIFIMAX is good and bad, pros = only 2 antennas for the whole UK. Cons = trials have shown that is causes flu symptoms within days and trials had to stop within a week. Therefore WIFIMAX will be reduced to miniWIFIMAX this is what people are calling the 3) type of 4G, miniWIFIMAX is basically what we have setup for 3G - low power relay to relay bridging antennas. WIFIMAX 5G need only 2 antennas for the whole UK as it is a high power output, think of a 1000W Television transmitter.

    Note Ipad4 4G can no longer advertise as a 4G capable in the UK/EU as the Apple is 4G-LTE only.

    Think on the lines of 3G and the sub versions that now has between UK and USA. hence Blackberries are 9000 /10/20 then /50/60/70 for the USA and /30 for global
    it used to be /00 basic /10 wifi /20 GPS /30 Global then 3G became and 50 was added to /00 to state model is for the USA 3G system. /30 global was a tri-band and a USA 3G band... /70 I think is the same as a /30 but USA carrier software loaded by default.

    Another reason 4G may not happen is that who is going to buy the 4G tender, then who is going to adjust and update the antenna relays/bridge-links. All this cost money and the money crisis is here, THREE (not to be confused with 3G) paid a huge expenses for the UK tender and still not recouped. So I do not think any form of 4G will happen, it may at Airports, but then WIFE-hotspots many free or free option on your landline contract now exist.

    4G is not a practical happening in the UK or any EU state.

    It is more likely to happen, Wifi-hotspot-with-VOIP, and miniWIFIMAX.

    Eventually within ten years WIFIMAX (5G) will happen when the side effects are sorted out.

    Note if full 5G gets up and running, all BT landlines and Virgin Cable and Sky-sat and Freeview+sat will not be needed as all would be voip and video by internet (ie one big extranet)

    in the UK 2G and FM radio will be switched of in 2016, wavelengths has been sold to military usage, problem this will effect DAB version 1, and it has been said that everyone may have to by a new DAB radio to EU spec.

    I just do not see 4G becoming a reality in the UK or any EU state.

    I see the 3) option which is not the favourite to overall win due to the money crisis and that this miniWifimax could be upgraded to 5G WifiMax.

    So the miniWifimax would be in engineering speak be a 4.5G

    Other problems are phone numbers for mobiles are running out again, UK 07 numbers.
    3G bandwidth is being overloaded with internet requests which voice quality is being lowered, to enable network bandwidth on the relay and bridging stations, resulting in bandwidth random slicing up and down and internet drop outs. Telco are setting up more WIFI openzone hotspots to cope, and move data on to openzone Wifi instead of 3G H or H+ ie 3.5G.
    05-26-12 01:56 PM
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