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    My Sprint contract expires in August 2013, So that means my upgrade will be avaialble in June 2013, plenty of time to check out thier full size qwerty keyboard. My question is, does anyone have the real specs of the screen size it will be? If? it's going to be a duplicate of the Bold 99XX series w/2.8" screen with an OS10 system, then it would be too small to get the whole OS10 expericance. I have already narrowed my choices down to OS10 Touchscreen IF? it knock me off my feet...the Qwerty Bold type IF? the screens at least 3.5" or if they both are duds...just wait until October and get the fully revamped iphone 6. what do all you think? or will possibly get next year?
    07-31-12 07:00 AM
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    If you are asking about QWERTY phones, why in the world would you consider an Iphone of any flavor?

    Go to a phone store and play with one of the large phones. Are you really going to carry such a beast?

    My preference would be a keypad as wide as the 9900. Perhaps a slide out keypad and larger screen. the current narrow slide out keypads would be like my 9780. Just a bit too narrow.

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    08-02-12 01:27 AM
  3. u1w1c1b1's Avatar
    If not BB, I might consider an Android, but iPhone would not be a consideration.
    08-10-12 09:43 AM
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    My guess on screen size would be like 3.1 for screen size? I really like my iphone but if the qwerty is put together right and the screen size is 3.1 or so and bb10 brings all the apps that are promised. If all that happens I will take a long look at the bb phone. At times I love the all touch phone but at times I really miss the 9930 kb.(I couldn't go back to 9650 keyboard too small)
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    08-12-12 06:57 PM