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    okay so the rumor is the storm2 refresh has been canceled, i think we all know that by now. but the question is why, like really? verizon&RIM "no" wth!
    when i first knew their was going to be a refresh i was so happy to know that, and i also knew, man people who bought that with a contract are so going to be pissed. but besides that OS6 an supposedly finally a perfect surepress screen, just seems awesome to me. the storm series was my first touch screen, i wouldnt buy a plain touch screen in my opinion its old tech compared to "surepress" "again in my opinion."

    so the rumored "BB" touch screen device is going to have QNX. it just cant be named a "storm" an continue on with the storm series. if said, it doesnt have SUREPRESS technology. so if this is the case. will OS6 eventually come out next year as said for the storm2. i believe the memory isnt a problem. its the OS platform thats on the storm2 right now. that makes it difficult for RIM to make it stable. its possibly to have OS6 on the storm2 but with the same output memory on the storm1 35-45Mbs left is more like going to be achieve if a such OS was created. im fine with that. bring on the webkit browser.

    the torch just came out in white, thats the main reason why i didnt buy it right away, in my mind it looks h0t! white. i knew it was going to come out eventually. ill end up buying it friday for $99 bucks Im hooked. but i hate to leave my storm. any insiders want to spit out some info on the 9570? i wouldnt buy the torch if i knew 9570 was going to launch but, any insiders that could give us a bit of confidential information right now "today" "this month" "here now". either way i never had verizon never will, "unlocking" is the key word! im interested to see what sal has to say. in his opinion. "deep insider"
    11-07-10 09:45 PM
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    Who really knows? somebody a while ago said that RIm was working on three variations of the Storm series and it's just the 9570 that was dropped. the LTE Storm with the big screen is another. That leads to another unknown product, but older rumours indicate that one was the Torch.
    11-07-10 09:56 PM
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    Good Luck with this post!!
    Sorry Homer but the majority of the people in these Storm forums are looking for ANY Storm3 info that you are asking about. Neither Sal or "deep insiders" have exposed any new info, in the last month I'd say, that has actually been CONFIRMED on the next Storm.
    So your just gonna have to be patient like the rest of us
    It is getting closer and closer to Jan thou, where most of us believe or THINK we will be seeing it. So we should start seeing more leaks or at least info on it in the coming 2 months. Again, WE HOPE!!
    11-08-10 09:35 AM
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    11-08-10 08:41 PM
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    if this device "prototype - monaco" does not have surepress technology. then it can not be considered a storm, but a different device with a different name. some one tell me if im wrong plz
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    11-11-10 11:45 PM
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    Bold pro 99xx lmfao

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    11-12-10 12:24 AM
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    if this device "prototype - monaco" does not have surepress technology. then it can not be considered a storm, but a different device with a different name. some one tell me if im wrong plz
    You could be wrong... Surepress doesn't necessarily define the Storm line... storm3 could very well be none-surepress because of the fact that RIM is just scrapping it all together.

    But who knows... nobody can make any conclusions as of yet.
    11-12-10 10:05 AM