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    I'm just curious whether there is coming a 10" Playbook in the next time.
    Cause I love the software of the the PB, but the screen is too small for my use I think.
    So does anybody have news/ rumors on a 10" PB?


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    08-20-11 02:38 AM
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    Not gonna happen anytime soon... http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?t=626367
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    08-20-11 07:45 AM
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    So what do reckon? there is no need to wait on that 10" PB if it doesnt come out in 2012, is it?
    dont know what to do. on one hand i love the pb, the UI etc. but on the other hand the screen doesnt seem big enough for me as i would like to have it. hmm
    if i knew the 10" comes out next year i would wait and buy it then. but in the moment im not really sure what i should do
    08-23-11 03:13 PM
  4. Arcturos's Avatar
    Same here.
    I like the playbook, but i have no use for a 7in tablet... portability is what my smartphone is for.

    I hope BB does build the 10in at some point since android doesnt really excite me much yet and well i want the full internet on my tablet so the i ruled out the ipad. I do think the PB is being underrated out there and the apps will come, in time. (hopefully native email too...)

    in the mean time i picked up one of the Touchpads during HP's firesale. I figure that will hold me over for a while and i can keep an eye on what RIM does with the playbook in the future.
    08-23-11 03:27 PM
  5. Tax_JD_LLM's Avatar
    I would also be interested in a 10" model. With a phone like the 9930 (which I had briefly before returning it due to call quality issues), a 7" screen is a nice upgrade for some tasks, but not all. With something like the 4.1" QNX superphone, a 7" screen just doesn't make much sense.

    Read somewhere that someone had suggested making the "larger" PB the size of a sheet of paper (8.5" x 11" in the US) for a 1:1 reproduction of *.pdfs, etc., for business purposes. To me, that makes the most sense. Would also prefer to see a stylus.

    Have seen PlayBooks in many stores here in the US and only once have I seen one paired with a BB device (local BestBuy). Even then, because the BB device had not been fully activated (was a live device, not a dummy unit), it was not possible to test/demo the bridge capabilities. The BestBuy reps didn't even know what Bridge was (I had to explain it to them).

    Regardless of all of the issues with RIM's marketing around this device, the relaunch of PB 2.0 (whether in the form of software, hardware, or both) ought to include staged demo packages in stores that show the device working with an activated BlackBerry device. Not providing customers with the opportunity to preview what is your clear market differentiator is incredibly foolish, IMO.

    Allowing stores to put them on the same shelf as a XOOM, iPad, or whatever, without a paired phone is unbelievable to me.
    09-18-11 12:41 PM
  6. southlander's Avatar
    Certainly not soon, if at all. One post earlier said they had info from a "RIM employee" that it is not dead (10" model that is). But in fact, the future of the PlayBook overall is unclear. If it becomes a huge drag on RIM's earnings... well...
    09-18-11 12:45 PM
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    i would buy a 10 inch Playbook in a heartbeat. My crazy hopes for OS 2.0 is for RIM to release a 10 incher as well as a re-release of the 7 incher at a lower price.

    again, totally, totally wishful thinking.
    09-19-11 11:19 PM
  8. elgolfman's Avatar
    Everything I hear is the PB is done. I would prefer one if I knew they would be around in a year.

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    10-16-11 04:43 PM
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    Everything I hear is the PB is done. I would prefer one if I knew they would be around in a year.

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    They are built like tanks. Cockroaches will be using Playbooks when we are all gone.
    10-16-11 05:41 PM
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    10-16-11 08:04 PM