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    I just upgraded to a leaked version of on my BB 9810 and love it. Rogers needs to get on the move here, but they suck so it will not happen to soon. Yes I hate Rogers, can you tell! Customer since 91 and treated like crap.

    So I now have Wi-Fi calling and I have a question that will sound stupid but I am missing something here. I use Skype and live with Wi-Fi so I know what it is, but how does Wi-Fi calling work on a cell phone? Do I need another plan or how does the call route over my Wi-Fi networks?

    Now for the HotSpot from my phone, if I am connected to my Wi-Fi can I have user log into my phones HotSpot and tap into my office Wi-Fi? I see this as being a temporary network bridge. I don't want others to consume my phones data plan.
    04-27-12 12:18 PM