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    I have a 9900 with wifi preferred. After multiple tests with multiple wifi networks, it seems that UMA (wifi calling) only works if your device has a connection to the mobile network with Rogers. If you have mobile network turned off, then you connect to wifi, UMA will never turn on. If you go into an area that has no Rogers coverage and then connect to wifi, UMA will never turn on.

    Why does a wifi calling feature require that you have some sort of Rogers network connection? Does that not defeat the whole purpose of wifi calling??
    06-25-12 02:53 PM
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    Are you sure? I was using wifi calling in Maine when at a ski hill that had limited cell coverage. My Rogers SIM card was in and mobile network on. I remember making a call in an area of the hotel that had no cellular coverage and in our room that had spotty cellular coverage.

    If you are not getting the wifi calling icon, it can mean the network quality or bandwidth is too poor. I had this problem at the ski hill in Maine. It was the March break and the hotel was packed. At certain times of the day, the Internet quality and speed was terrible.
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    06-25-12 10:40 PM
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    are you subscribed to a wifi calling package?

    Rogers Wi-Fi Calling | Small Business
    06-27-12 11:24 AM
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    Yes, I have a wifi calling package. RIM and Rogers are now saying that the 9900 with OS 7.1 is "UMA Lite" and no one knows how it's supposed to work. So annoying.
    07-13-12 11:08 AM
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    I also have full wifi signal (ie 4 full bars) and it will connect, then hours later, it just disconnects. I hadn't moved the phone at all and it just disconnects. Also, even with it connected on a full strong signal, the calling is still either echoed or it's choppy. I have no wifi issues.
    07-13-12 11:14 AM
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    The 9900 and Rogers is a tricky situation. The device isn't true UMA, but "UMA Lite", as referred to above. UMA works in conjunction with mobile carrier's network switch over WiFi, it's very hard coded into the BlackBerry OS. UMA Lite is basically a SIP client, think Skype.

    The only BlackBerry's carried by Rogers that were true UMA were the 9700, 9780 (I believe) and the 9790.

    Question for you, is you 9900 a Rogers branded device or a unlocked device from another carrier/unbranded?

    I ask because I have 9 unbranded 9900's, all with UMA options on their accounts, and none of them work with WiFi calling. I also have 3 Rogers branded 9900's, with the same UMA options on their accounts, they all work with UMA Lite. Swap the SIM cards around, reboot them, make sure they all have the same OS, and only the branded 9900's continue to work.

    I've reached out to a team to figure out why this is - as there shouldn't be a hardware difference. I'm also going to send them a note about your experience, will advise when I hear back, but first I'd like to know what device branding you have and what OS you're running.

    07-13-12 06:18 PM
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    9900 is a branded 9900 from Rogers. Wifi calling does work, just not all the time. If I go home and connect to wifi and stay home, it's fine, however if I go home and connect to wifi, then leave and come back, my phone will stay on SOS even though I'm reconnected to wifi (I have no reception in my house). I have to do a battery pull then reconnect to wifi for UMA to kick back on. Very annoying. As well, sometimes it just shuts itself off from UMA in the middle of the night.
    07-26-12 02:14 PM
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    I am having very similar problems and was wondering if anyone has ideas.

    I use a 9810 running : it is a Rogers branded phone.
    I work in northern Quebec, so there is no Rogers here. There is a local (Lynx) cell provider.

    I used a curve but upgraded to the Torch the day the 7.1 Rogers OS came out.

    When I arrive from Montreal, the UMA works as soon as I arrive in my home over the wifi I have here. Then, after a day of two of coming in and out, there is no more UMA. It also cut out once after I had to reboot the phone.

    The curve worked all the time over any wifi connection I would find (at the office, the town hall .. anywhere.)

    Each time I return to the "South" and come back, the UMA works for a bit then cuts out. It's a bit unrealistic to take a 2500$ plane ride to reset the Uma
    08-05-12 01:35 PM
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    I have a conference call with some RIM and Rogers people. I've had this case for over 2 months and hopefully will figure something out. It has something to do with OS 7.1 using "UMA/GAN-Lite" and not full UMA. No one seems to know what the issue is or how this Lite version is supposed to work.

    Will post my findings after our call.
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    08-07-12 10:14 AM
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    Just wondering if you ever got anything resolved.
    I still don't get a UMA connection on the Torch. I pulled the sim and re-activated the old Curve and it connected right away.

    I re-activated the Torch and when I got back from Montreal the other day, it actually received a phone call. Now nothing, even when I come back from the South.

    Thanks for any input.
    10-21-12 11:55 AM
  11. fcch's Avatar
    Hey ... Not sure if you ever got this resolved. I did

    Like a newbie, I did an OTA update for
    Of course, since I don't have cell coverage, the device crapped out. I restored the service books from the desktop manager and to my surprise, the UMA kicked in.
    The cellular radio is not on at all and if I have a problem connecting UMA, I restore the service book and the UMA kicks in, no reboot required.

    Hope this helps.
    11-17-12 12:43 PM
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