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    Wow, is anyone else using this app? Is their experience as bad as mine?

    Constant errors, very poor transcription if any at all, when I read the message it either goes into the deleted folder or gets saved onto my saved messages within my voicemail. Sometimes, without even commanding a delete, it is deleted from my voicemail before I can listen to the message.

    Many times I get an "uncaught exception" error message relating to the visual voicemail.

    So I deleted it and wasn't getting my voicemail notifications via SMS the old way ... you know ... "You have 4 new voicemail messages etc." I called Rogers. Because I have that value pack and have installed and activated the app, I can't revert to the old way of getting notifications without changing the value plan. Complete absurdity!!!

    Anyone else getting major issues with this application? Any suggestions or tips on how to get it to function better and increase its stability?

    Much thanks. For once you think Rogers would get something right??? Wishful thinking on my part I guess.

    The more technology advances, the more I wish for more simplicity. Oh, and by the way, visual voicemail counts as data. lol .. learned that the hardway on my 2 day trip to New York when reading my visual voicemail messages attributed to my roaming data use. Very nice Rogers!!! Very nice! Crooks.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    12-07-12 06:19 PM

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