02-13-15 12:02 PM
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    Today is my happy day - As of yesterday, I have not. got. one account. with Rogers!!!
    Now, my last battle with them can begin - the last bill - when they send it.
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    11-09-14 09:50 AM
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    Hey folks, need some insight on how to handle this. So I just recently (probably 2-3 weeks ago) got a Z30 and Q5 via Rogers as our plan was expired and wanted to upgrade. Spoke to retention and worked out a deal that was quite nice. This included price matching the Z to $120 and the Q to I think it was $20 at the time. Well, here's the problem. Open my bill today and they are charging me $230 for the Z pre tax and 100 for the Q pretax. Not only is that not price matched, it's more than their regular price on a two year term. Like wtf!!!! Not to mention I got 2 s3's at the same time for $0 for which they are now charging me $100 a phone . This is ridiculous. I have a bill for like $1000 dollars. :@ . Of which $600 is hardware charges.

    I'm going to call them and have it corrected thing is if they don't budge what do I do? At that point I'd likely cancel my TV home phone and cable and move to bell. I would be infuriated.

    Just to be clear I confirmed how much I would be paying for hardware multiple times over the phone. Sick of this company and now I'm stuck on a 2 year. Wonderful.

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    If you spoke with retentions they would have pushed the promo thru for you however sometimes it skips a bill and shows up on next month's invoice, itc common! Just call themand re-verify! They would have also documented your account as well!

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    02-13-15 12:02 PM
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