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    im about to move 6 hrs away, at the end of may. am i able to call in and try to find a number i like and put it on hold so to speak, that way i can start to give it out/ memorize it ect. and try to find a good easy number ie) the same last digits or close

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    04-26-12 05:25 PM
  2. lushpupp's Avatar
    you wont necessarily be able to put one on hold. If you call in, they'll usually just give you one as opposed to letting you choose one, unless you ask. Your best bet is to go to a store. At the store level, you can try 3 different numbers at a time, that way it will be much easier to find a number you prefer.

    If you find something you like and you dont want to risk losing it, you can always change your number and use it in your current area. The only problem is that you will be charged LD for all incoming calls. Calls to the current local area that you are in will be considered local though. Risky and could be a hassel, depending on how much time you have before you move.
    04-27-12 11:13 PM
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    that sucks though i thought i could put a number on hold now, and just activate it when i move.

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    04-28-12 09:45 AM