Please someone help me. Ever since the beginning of 2012 I had bad signal with rogers so I swapped my Blackberry.. same probs... so then I signed up for a new contract on galaxy s3 with a new sim card. Same signal issues.

    Issue: bars keep going from full to 1 bars and everywhere in between. Thus making my data really slow or dropping it all together. Where I cant can't youtube videos half the time without it messing up/freezing/chopping and my video chats and anything with data just drop. It seems to drop as I notice the bars dropping. It happens if I go to the south end of the city, downtown, university, just about every single place actually. Everywhere. And as of a few weeks ago I cannot walk into the mall without my signal completely cutting out. It wont ever come on til after I'm outside of the mall for awhile. Ive been going to the mall for years and it NEVER HAPPENED. No one else reports any of my problems, ever.

    Rogers: tells me oh let me do a network refresh, factory reset your device, or swap it. Ive done it all , countless times. I'm just ready to freak out. I feel like im going insane because they tell me no one else had it before.

    They opened up a ticket for me on october 24th, i waited a month before hearing anything back from them. They say there still working on it. That there is some interference with towers on my line with MTS or something?? Then they still wont contact me, I call back the other day well after a month and they told me the CASE WAS CLOSED. WTF. So they said oh well open it again. I asked is there any way I can speak to the technician in charge of this problem. They said no, only they can contact you. I said well there clearly not contacting me so can I contact them. They said no, so I said is there anything I can do. After they hesitated for awhile they said here let me transfer you to someone, then they told me oh sorry my system froze can you call back.

    So I called back and another rep said here let me send you a call, text, picture... are you getting those? then your service is fine. WOWOWOW. Then he preceeds to tell me ya we do have some issues from time to time , I said I understand that but my problems really bad every day. He said well it could be the apps then. THEN I MIGHT AS WELL NOT EEVEN USE A GOSHDARN PHONE. Called another rep, they just told me oh all you can do is wait, or send your phone in for repair or something.
    12-10-12 04:06 PM
  2. OniBerry's Avatar
    Good news is you probably aren't. Crazy I mean.

    Not much we can do from the forum end. I mean, you must have swapped your SIM for a mSIM when you made the switch to to SGS3? Right? So, it's not a SIM or account issue. Interference from MTS? I don't know about that. You are having the same issue with a BB and a G3. No one else is reporting the same outage, and it's not listed on their corporate website as having issues or network problems.

    You could cancel your contract and move to another provider. You could unlock your device and port over your existing phone number, but short of Rogers telling you anything, I don't see what your other options are. Sorry.
    12-10-12 05:36 PM
  3. skyrocket9's Avatar
    I get crazy signal drops all over GTA on rogers on my s3 and 9900. Sometimes im beside another rogers customer and they have 5 bars while I have 1. Unexplainable?

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    01-06-13 02:25 PM
  4. jesse_h's Avatar
    You're not crazy. I was having major network issues, after countless attempts to get help, i finally escalated it myself by writing a blog post and spreading it all over twitter. I was contacted very quickly from Rogers, and things started to get sorted out. There was an issue with a cell tower near my house, it was intermittent, but it was an issue. It took a few weeks of technicians testing the signals, then they fixed it.

    I took down my blog post after it was resolved, as I promised them i would. If you want I can give you the email address for the woman who got the ball rolling for me, she was referred to me by the executive assistants at Rogers, that's how high it went.
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    01-11-13 08:52 AM

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