1. chasingstars's Avatar
    Hey Guys!

    I have read through the forms and for the life of me I can't find the exact answers I am looking for (I'm sorry in advance)

    I just changed my plan to the $15 unlimited email and BBM. Now the question is... Where do I start to get unlimited browsing?

    I already have Opera Mini. Can I just surf on that unlimited? I have read different places I need to reset a bunch of stuff, input a bunch of numbers and such but I really have no idea where to start, how to change it, what to change. Some say you have to change to internet.com (but where? & how???).

    Sorry if this is a really silly question & Thanks in advance for your understanding.
    04-26-08 12:29 PM
  2. Davey's Avatar
    The first step is to get opera mini which you said you have

    Try to start it up normally and see if it works... chances are slim but its worth a try. Then goto Options - Advanced - TCP and put in internet.com

    Try loading the opera mini now, if it doesn't work try a battery pull. If it does work, and it configures for the first time, remove the internet.com

    Have you had a data plan before hand? or is this the first time
    04-26-08 03:13 PM