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    Dear Rogers,
    I am hoping this wall post will create a dialogue and not simply fall upon deaf ears. I need to know something - rather I need you to explain something. Why is it that Corporate and Business customers cannot reserve a BlackBerry 10 device? People can now pre-order at retailers across the country. People can pre-order at your competition. People can pre-order online. Am I not a person? Why is it the one place I cannot pre-order or even reserve a BlackBery 10 device is with my business carrier? Why is it that you prevent me from doing so? Am I being punished because I have a Business/Corporate account? Have I done something to hurt your feelings? Is there bad blood between us? For a company as large as yours to ignore business customers when it comes to an arguably business-focused device is ludicrous.

    The day you announced your pre-orders I called. The first time I reached a rep your system was not running yet. A technical delay - that's something I can handle. Later that day I called again, this time I was connected and managed to make a pre-order. Oh glorious happy day! I was on the list! I was going to get my phone! In fact, I was proudly #4 in all of Canada! But that elation was short-lived. You see, the very next afternoon I got an email from you, and it wasn't a warm and fuzzy email. You weren't writing to see how I was or if I wanted to go for supper. No, what you had to say was mean, in fact awful. You sent me a terse little note saying my order was cancelled because I am a business customer. Nonsense! Balderdash! That cannot be true. So I called, and yes, yes it was true. Why would you do that?

    So twice a week I call. All I want is to be on the list - to know that a phone has my name on it. It's gone beyond desire now, I know that I'll get a device but I call you based on principle. I should be treated like all you other non-business customers because after all, each day at 5 pm, when I take off the tie and hang up the suit I go from being a business person like you, to just another consumer. I honestly feel like we're destined to hate each other. I don't don't want to be treated special, I simply want to be treated the same.

    I need you to know one thing Rogers. I feel like I'm meant to go and find someone who likes me. Someone who likes my business. This isn't a threat. I'm not going anywhere right this moment. But, I do feel like I deserve an explanation.

    I have said enough Rogers, it's your turn to talk now, that is unless you delete this, which I'm sure you will.

    An Unhappy Business Customer
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    01-11-13 02:48 PM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    Rogers will not be deleting this, and I don't see your post violating any CB rules.

    Out of interest, who are the viable competitors if you decide to change provider?
    01-11-13 03:11 PM
  3. Cesare21's Avatar
    First off, welcome to CB!

    I agree with your sentiment of unable to pre-order a BB10 device. H3ck, even I can't pre-oder cuz none of the carriers in my country have opened up.
    01-11-13 03:17 PM
  4. dscsayers's Avatar

    Out of interest, who are the viable competitors if you decide to change provider?
    That statement was based on rumours I have heard from other business customers with other carriers (Bell specifically) that have apparently secured launch-day devices.I know rumors are dangerous, but I'm just going from what I have heard. Regardless of that statement, the inability of Rogers to explain the reservation limitation they are imposing on their business customers is asinine. Not since my elementary school days has "because" been an excuse for anything.

    PS. Thanks Cesare for the welcome. I've been a lurker/reader for a very long time and love the community here.
    01-11-13 06:34 PM
  5. dlav's Avatar
    Are you a small business customer?

    We're a national enterprise customer with Rogers and had no issue reserving devices and rolled out BB10 to staff today.
    02-05-13 07:55 PM

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