Whenever I'm talking to a person on the phone I keep hearing this loud scratch/pop sound randomly throughout the phone call. It's super annoying and hurts my ear at times. The person on the other end cannot hear it, only I only hear it on the phone call with one specific person. This doesn't happen on others phone calls with other people that I have. I'm thinking it's their phone but I'm not sure. They have a Motorola G on the Virgin network and lives in North Vancouver BC. When I play music on my phone I never hear this annoying problem, it's just strictly on a phone call. I live in Manitoba with a BlackBerry Priv on the Rogers network. Is there a signal issue?

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    03-08-16 10:11 AM
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    I'm surprised you get any reception at all with Rogers in Manitoba

    Jokes aside, this definitely has to do with reception.

    If you have a spare phone around, I'd suggest putting in your sim into that one and try to see if it still occurs. Another quick way is if you try using something internet-based like WhatsApp or Skype to see if it's actually the Moto G's reception that is causing the issue. Of course, this is tedious, which is why I recommend the spare phone method first, then the internet-based method as it will actually give you better results on whether it's a reception or hardware.

    If the above reveals that it's still occurring, even after trying both methods, it's the Moto G's issue, not yours.
    03-08-16 10:44 AM
    OK. Yes it happens on my BlackBerry Passport too. I will try bbm call on WiFi to test this. Thanks

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    03-08-16 10:55 AM
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    OK. Yes it happens on my BlackBerry Passport too. I will try bbm call on WiFi to test this. Thanks

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    Please do reply if you have anymore issues
    03-08-16 10:58 AM
    So I talked for an hour on bbm voice and never had that problem once. It's clear somethings going on with our providers then. Now what exactly is it and how do I bring it up to my carrier? It's loud and annoying that only I hear. The call quality doesn't seem to be affected any way. My signal is fine, the person on the other end of the line never cuts out and the call never drops.

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    03-08-16 10:08 PM

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