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    So I was going to relegate my z30 to second place and use my 6 as my daily driver. Use my z just for emails. Whenever I needed it just turn the Hotspot on my iPhone on and turn on the wifi on my z30, search for the iPhone and presto!!.....but it seems that using the iPhone as a Hotspot is a pain in the **** when using other devices. When the z30 is looking for the iPhone it'll take forever to find it...and when it does find it the wifi is slow and pathetic. I figured it was apples attempt to just want to just make it to you just use it with its own devices, but when I tried it with an ipod, the results were the same. When I reversed the scenario, using the z as the Hotspot it's great. IPhone picks it up immediately and Internet runs smoothly. So in essence, I may need to keep the z as my daily driver just because of this issue and once again relegate the iPhone to second place instead.
    I will continue to use the 2 phones because of the following reasons:
    Several apps that I use that I can't get on amazon that that I use for work and personal use to name a few : CEC connect, sun pass, acc mobile, geico,PayPal, TC2.0, myBHN,.....hot 97,
    On the flip side, I'll stay with the z because although I don't download that much music, when I want to get a ring tone I don't have to go through so many hoops and hurdles to get a song and make it into a ring tone for my z30.....attaching pictures to emails is easier than on the iPhone, although nowadays I don't email as many as several years ago. Mostly now is all done via texting.
    Also language recognition, seems like with the z, it seems to pick up different languages easier than the iPhone and also at times on the iPhone I even have to change the language on the keyboard to the language I'm typing.
    And of couse the VKB....its like comparing apples to peaches with this.....there's no comparison in my opnion...z30 wins hands down.
    So as for now, I'll keep my iPhone tucked in my car and it will be my media device, if that Hotspot issue ever changes that may be a changing point for me. But for now......that's fine for me.

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    04-11-15 08:20 AM
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    .....oh, and also accessories selection when you go to a store to look for some thing new for your z30.....there is none!!

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    04-11-15 08:23 AM

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