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    YouTube announced on Wednesday that it has launched an improved mobile website with HTML5-friendly video. YouTubes refreshed mobile web site, m.youtube.com, now offers faster performance and an improved touch-friendly user interface. Many of the popular elements of the full YouTube website are now available on the mobile site, including search suggestions, support for like/dislike buttons, and the ability to create playlists. Google takes a jab at Apple by hinting at the demise of native YouTube applications (like those found on the iPhone) by pointing out that the mobile site will see improvements more frequently than the native applications. Like an evil provocateur, Google is tempting us with the promise of a faster, bigger, and a better YouTube; if we consent to using our browser instead of the more convenient native application. For those that need a closer look at the new YouTube before fully endorsing the browser based offering, hit the jump for Googles official video.

    got to play with it alittle bit last night..... pretty sweet set up if you ask me
    07-08-10 08:23 AM
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    Haven't noticed much at all. Ratings haven't disappeared, still pretty much the same.

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    07-08-10 08:45 AM