05-12-13 02:31 PM
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    When my truck AC and alternator failed the same hot, steamy night in Virginia, I found myself streaming sweat trying to get some sleep, as the surrounding motels were too full to get a room. I was dreaming of some way to sleep comfortably. Outside was 90 with 90+ humidity, but it was 105 in the cab. The fan I had just blew hot air.

    After an hour, I got up and went to the restaurant, and asked them for a meat box and a trash bag. I then went to the store and got two bags of ice. Toted it all out to the truck, where I put the bag in the bottom of the box, the ice fit in perfectly to fill the bottom of the box. I then cut small holes in one side of the lid, and a single hole in the other, sized for my turbo fan. I taped the lid in position, and inserted the intake side of the fan.

    When I flipped it on, cold air blasted out and washed over me. I was asleep in minutes, with a satisfaction that was hard to beat.
    That's awesome! Ingenious solution
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    05-12-13 02:06 PM
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    Coleman lanterns for lighting on the deck or porch. Gives you something to mess around with while relaxing.
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    05-12-13 02:11 PM
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    I still use the old fashion Diary. I actually do write stuff in it.

    Open it where the little ribbon bookmark is and bingo, it works!

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    Don't let your diary fall into the wrong hands. I burned my journal after a close call as a teenager
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    05-12-13 02:15 PM
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    And...I still have an old phone for the house...remember the one with the long cord and a wire that plugs into the wall...works when there is a power outage and it's still my favorite for talking on while writing or working on the pc.

    (yes we have the cordless too but they are forever having issues and they are just not as comfortable to hold with your shoulder)

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    Good old Western Electric telephones. Good design. You can't hold your BB very well with your shoulder!
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    05-12-13 02:19 PM
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    Good old Western Electric telephones. Good design. You can't hold your BB very well with your shoulder!
    Reason I like Bluetooth and have a wired backup.
    05-12-13 02:31 PM
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