1. PhxBlue's Avatar
    The CrackBerry fever... Once you get it theres no cure for it. You may be able to dumb it down or put it into remission for a while. But just like any other serious addiction it comes back and it comes back hard! Ive been in remission for a while, treating my addiction with other gadget meds.. Recently I started getting the itch and tried to ignore it. I figured it was just a brief set back and I'd be fine. WRONG! I finally found a "Crack" dealer and bought some of that new flavored 9700 Crack. But this "Crack" has to come from another location. I have the serious shakes now and need to get my fix!! Come on USPS!!
    05-03-10 01:13 PM
  2. MiniBB's Avatar
    Welcome Back!!
    05-03-10 08:44 PM