1. arickinreallife's Avatar
    Berrynoid is a term i just made up in reference to my being paranoid of my LED and Audio for messages going off on my Berry.

    I was sitting at dinner tonight, and kept looking down at my Berry (sitting next to my dinner plate) and kept thinking i herd my message sound and kept picking it up and checking and never did. This went on and on back and fourth for about an hour. No messages, no blinking LED no sound. It was all in my head.

    Does anyone else experience this? this IS natural is it not? This has happened before from time to time but not to this extream like tonight. i JUST kept hearing my SMS tone "IT'S BRITNEY B***H" like every 20 seconds but it just wasn't so.

    i'm not crazy... but i am berrynoid!
    02-21-09 10:21 PM
  2. NancyDrew's Avatar
    Story of my life.
    02-21-09 10:22 PM
  3. greg24's Avatar
    who owns a blackberry and isnt?
    02-21-09 10:23 PM
  4. Iceman's Avatar
    In need of rehab here also.
    02-21-09 10:24 PM
  5. Tremortality's Avatar
    Was a post just like this two nights ago. I was shocked that so many were like that, I am not though....... Thankfully - unless its making noise (for sure) I dont bother with it...
    02-21-09 10:24 PM
  6. arickinreallife's Avatar
    i'm serious man i need help
    02-21-09 10:25 PM
  7. rayzaname's Avatar
    I'm definitely berrynoid, especially when expecting a message.
    02-21-09 10:33 PM
  8. TearBear's Avatar
    Is there a pill we can take for this? Seems to be a common problem! HEY...SOME DOCTOR SOMEWHERE DIAGNOSE US!

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    02-21-09 10:35 PM
  9. 4N6NEX's Avatar
    I really only get like that if I'm having a problem with a certain someone and I'm overly anxious to receive a message from said individual. The only reason I check it a lot then is because my phone is always on silent and I've noticed that the LED light doesn't always flash after I receive a new message. Otherwise, I peace out and try not to worry with it a great deal. =)
    02-21-09 10:41 PM
  10. ilovemileyyy's Avatar
    Yes, I deffinetely am!
    I always look at the LED, and when it doesn't flash, I check the phone to see if I missed something.
    02-21-09 11:16 PM
  11. gdasilva16's Avatar
    i'm the exact same way as you are, except for when i'm a dinner...haha i gotta concentrate on my food...haha
    02-21-09 11:43 PM
  12. maiia's Avatar
    berrynoid REP!!
    ever since i got my bb
    02-21-09 11:46 PM
  13. cokecryptic's Avatar
    It only happens when i can't take my BB out of my pocket! like when i chase someone! or have to listen to my boss talk my ear off! other then that i think im pretty good!
    02-22-09 02:19 AM
  14. anon(1522652)'s Avatar
    I am not berrynoid. If it doesn't vibrate, the bold stays in my pocket, especially if I am at dinner. The only time it comes out at dinner is when my daughter uses it to watch videos.

    With the agree with the guy having a rant in one respect, topics sucg as these should be reserved for the off-topic forum rather than a general bb one. That is just my 2p worth

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    02-22-09 03:58 AM
  15. chatkiller's Avatar
    Yep... i even did this before i got the pearl... lol if i didn't get a vibration in my pocket, I'd be surfen the net or be sending off text messages... yea I'm definitely berrynoid XD
    02-22-09 09:56 AM
  16. anon(971517)'s Avatar
    I don't think I am...wait what was that *looks at phone*...nothing. As I was saying before...
    02-22-09 10:14 AM
  17. Logan10's Avatar
    I'm addicted to the red light!

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    02-22-09 10:15 AM
  18. MrEOS1's Avatar
    Haha I think we all suffer from this! lol

    How about when driving and continue to think you just saw the LED flash as light reflects off the face of your bb? I swear sometimes I spend more time looking for the LED to flash than is probably healthy!

    Sometimes I even think I feel my Bold vibrating... And its not even the holster!!

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    02-22-09 10:55 AM
  19. aguy2846's Avatar
    wow I actually have to keep my bb in my back pocket because i always think it is vibrating and i check it every 30 seconds
    02-22-09 11:24 AM
  20. tracksforhire's Avatar
    Am berryanoid I like that term

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    02-22-09 11:58 AM
  21. jinxednuance's Avatar
    Oh my God I'm sooo like that!!!

    I keep looking and wondering when will that turn light start going on again!!!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    02-22-09 12:33 PM
  22. arickinreallife's Avatar
    "you're so berrynoid"

    "why are you always so berrynoid"

    thats going to be the new thing in 2009 lol
    02-22-09 01:23 PM
  23. Kompressor33's Avatar
    I do this constantly now I have a name for it.

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    02-22-09 01:39 PM
  24. 364ll's Avatar
    Yep yep yep .
    I'm definitely "berrynoid" .
    My BB is right next to me and I see the Red LED flashing ..
    whoops no it's not .. again !
    12-30-09 10:17 AM