1. P.H.A.D.E's Avatar
    She Once Held The Door For Me For 3 Days!!!

    Happy Mothers Day Ladies!!!!

    If You're A Single Mom, BIG UPS To You!!!

    And If You're A Single Dad, Happy Mothers Day Aswell: Because You Have Both Rolls!!!

    Please Post In This Thread On How You're Mom Is Special To You!!!! And I Also Would Like This Thread To Be A Shout Out Thread

    For Those That Don't Know What A "Shout It" Is, It's Basically You Saying Hi!!!
    05-11-08 03:29 AM
  2. s.f.clk02's Avatar
    nice thread phade for reals

    SHOUT OUT TO MY MOMS who has always been there for me. watched my every step and stopped me from doing wrong and pointing me towards the right way. my mom who has taught me everything in life. she is not only a mom but she everything i can wish of. either she can be takin care of me when im sick or whatever is wrong with me. knowing something is wrong even without sayin a word. love my moms for raising me right and always being there for me even though she is working or doing something for her family daily.
    DAM i dont think i can buy her a present that can hold such meaning. im just thankful to have her with me and see her daily. so much love moms and happy mothers day i have a special gift for ya when u wake up everyday. i love my moms and i could never stay angry with her max time i can be angry at her is 5 mins and then i understand where she was coming from.
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    05-11-08 04:13 AM
  3. Solachica's Avatar
    Happy mothers day to all moms.
    And to my mom I know you always want the best for me but sometimes you have to let go and let me live my life and know tht you brought me up in the right way.

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    05-11-08 10:31 AM
  4. Dr. Newport's Avatar
    Props to my Mom.

    Mad Props. I feel for that woman. She raised 4 knuckleheads and didn't kill us lol.

    She had a rough year, my father died last October. She is rebuilding and remaking her life. It has gotta be hard. I don't know how she does it.

    She is tough and warm at the same time. She is also pure. I have never heard her use a profanity. She is the most hardcore Catholic I have ever met.

    And woah...she can cook up a storm!

    I feel like Solachica at times though. My Mom hasn't quite accepted that I am out and an adult and making adult decisions. She hasn't quite progressed from "parent" to "mentor/peer."

    It is hard for her to let go, I know. I love the woman to death.
    05-11-08 02:29 PM
  5. donpnor's Avatar
    The posts are all sweet, but make sure you tell her rather than just post 'cause it's easy or convenient.

    Now, if your mom surf's the crackberry forums, you're in an entirely different situation than most!

    Post on.

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    05-11-08 03:04 PM
  6. s.f.clk02's Avatar
    i printed out this thread and stuck it on my forhead so she reads it everytime i see her MMK?
    05-11-08 03:17 PM
  7. Dr. Newport's Avatar
    Lol, I printed it and stuck it to her forehead.

    She knows it all now, homes.
    05-11-08 03:19 PM
  8. P.H.A.D.E's Avatar
    I Just Want To Say Happy Mothers Day To My Mamma!!!
    I Love Her So Much, She's The Only Woman That I Have All 100% Respect For!!!

    Even Though I'm Here In California And She's In Arkansas She's Alaways In My Heart.

    I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!
    05-11-08 05:45 PM
  9. HeidiC's Avatar
    I love you mom!
    I appreciate everything you did for us! Being a single mom of two now myself, I realize everything you had to do, to make ends meet except you raised 4 on your own!! Times may have changed but raising kids is the same.
    It's hard and stressful but also rewarding and I wouldnt have changed it for the world. Thanks for being the best!
    (I did tell her this too.)
    05-11-08 10:53 PM
  10. mzshey2x's Avatar
    Happy Mother's Day to my mom & all the moms here on CB

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    05-12-08 12:29 AM