1. BBIronMan's Avatar
    Who is excited that the X-Files are coming back July 25th? Jennifer.macneill reminded me of this with her avatar.

    Anybody succesfully get the ringtone off the website?


    The TV spots have started to roll in and I find myself distracted at work trying to figure out how early I can see it.

    And lets hope for a BlackBerry citing and some product placement. ;-)
    07-02-08 12:45 PM
  2. crashovrride's Avatar
    I can't wait for this movie to come out. I love the X-Files, I'm so geeked!!!
    07-02-08 02:51 PM
  3. BBIronMan's Avatar
    I'm really hoping the lack of responses doesn't translate into ticket sales. This movie is as exciting as Iron Man was to me.
    07-02-08 03:13 PM
  4. cody's Avatar
    I love x files.

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    07-02-08 07:31 PM
  5. jennifer.macneill's Avatar
    I'll respond! I'll respond!
    Can't wait! Wooo!
    It better not suck. :|
    07-02-08 07:33 PM
  6. BBIronMan's Avatar
    It better not suck. :|
    Don't jinx it.
    07-02-08 07:38 PM
  7. jennifer.macneill's Avatar

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    07-02-08 11:40 PM
  8. SAG0282's Avatar
    I'm VERY excited about the new movie.
    07-03-08 12:35 PM
  9. waltez01's Avatar
    Can You Say...name My Twins Mulder & Scully? Yeah...can't Wait...already Asking Where The Line Starts To Buy Tickets For It...think I'm A Little Extreme? : )
    07-03-08 02:50 PM
  10. crashovrride's Avatar
    No, that's not too extreme at all!

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    07-03-08 02:51 PM
  11. Candyhands's Avatar
    The trailer looks good. It's also good the film is not opening the same weekend as "The Dark Knight."
    07-04-08 07:42 AM
  12. infernis-x's Avatar
    I was never big on the show but this looks like a good movie, Mulder is great too.
    07-05-08 05:00 AM