1. pokusko's Avatar
    06-24-14 03:29 AM
  2. pokusko's Avatar
    06-24-14 03:29 AM
  3. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    Fair is foul, and foul is fair

    Posted via CB10
    06-24-14 03:29 AM
  4. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    Hey you are here

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    06-24-14 03:30 AM
  5. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    Thought I was all alone

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    06-24-14 03:30 AM
  6. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    When shall we three meet again in thunder, lightning, or in rain? When the hurlyburly 's done,
    When the battle 's lost and won

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    06-24-14 03:31 AM
  7. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    I have no spur to ***** the sides of my intent, but only vaulting ambition, which o'erleaps itself, and falls on the other

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    06-24-14 03:32 AM
  8. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them

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    06-24-14 03:33 AM
  9. pokusko's Avatar
    Hey there fan
    06-24-14 03:34 AM
  10. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    We are such stuff as dreams are made on, rounded with a little sleep

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    06-24-14 03:34 AM
  11. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    Hello there Pok
    06-24-14 03:34 AM
  12. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    what's the number count?

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    06-24-14 03:36 AM
  13. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    Oh well

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    06-24-14 03:36 AM
  14. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    The course of true love never did run smooth

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    06-24-14 03:37 AM
  15. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    These words are razors to my wounded heart

    Posted via CB10
    06-24-14 03:37 AM
  16. pokusko's Avatar
    The count looks grim.
    06-24-14 03:40 AM
  17. pokusko's Avatar
    We are not posting as fast as expected.
    06-24-14 03:40 AM
  18. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    EVEN as the sun with purple-colour'd face
    Had ta'en his last leave of the weeping morn,
    Rose-cheek'd Adonis hied him to the chase;
    Hunting he lov'd, but love he laugh'd to scorn;
    Sick-thoughted Venus makes amain unto him,
    And like a bold-fac'd suitor 'gins to woo him.
    'Thrice fairer than myself,' thus she began,
    'The field's chief flower, sweet above compare,
    Stain to all nymphs, more lovely than a man,
    More white and red than doves or roses are;
    Nature that made thee, with herself at strife,
    Saith that the world hath ending with thy life.
    'Vouchsafe, thou wonder, to alight thy steed,
    And rein his proud head to the saddle-bow;
    If thou wilt deign this favour, for thy meed
    A thousand honey secrets shalt thou know

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    06-24-14 03:44 AM
  19. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    We are not posting as fast as expected.
    We will get there a little at a time

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    06-24-14 03:47 AM
  20. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    Here come and sit, where never serpent hisses;
    And being set, I'll smother thee with kisses:
    'And yet not cloy thy lips with loath'd satiety,
    But rather famish them amid their plenty,
    Making them red and pale with fresh variety;
    Ten kisses short as one, one long as twenty:
    A summer's day will seem an hour but short,
    Being wasted in such time-beguiling sport.'
    With this she seizeth on his sweating palm,
    The precedent of pith and livelihood,

    Posted via CB10
    06-24-14 03:48 AM
  21. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    Speak, fair; but speak fair words, or else be

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    06-24-14 03:49 AM
  22. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    O learn to love; the lesson is but plain,
    And once made perfect, never lost again.'
    'I know not love quoth he, 'nor will not know it,
    Unless it be a boar, and then I chase it;
    'Tis much to borrow, and I will not owe it;
    My love to love is love but to disgrace it;
    For I have heard it is a life in death,
    That laughs and weeps, and all but with A

    Posted via CB10
    06-24-14 03:54 AM
  23. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    Love comforteth like sunshine after rain,
    But Lust's effect is tempest after sun;
    Love's gentle spring doth always fresh remain,
    Lust's winter comes ere summer half be done.
    Love surfeits not. Lust like a glutton dies;
    Love is all truth. Lust full of forged lies.
    'More I could tell, but more I dare not say;
    The text is old, the orator too green.
    Therefore, in sadness, now I will away;

    Posted via CB10
    06-24-14 04:06 AM
  24. pokusko's Avatar
    06-24-14 07:10 AM
  25. pokusko's Avatar
    06-24-14 07:11 AM
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