1. barbarianthemadserb's Avatar
    I just received the new BB9900-2. This is an awesome upgrade from the standard one. It is exactly identical to my standard BB9900 in both size, color, keyboard and has the identical same functionality as my older BB9900 had! Plus I had the option to actually use either the pulldown from top (pseudo hub) or the slide out from the side as in my BB10's. It has a dual core, double the internal memory and storage space, a slightly larger battery and LTE!! Speed and smoothness are way better than my BB10's. It also has (in addition to the legacy 9900) many of the BB10 functions! This BB9900-2 blows away my BB10's. This is great! So I proceeded to dispose of my BB10 devices ala hammer. Good riddance. I am absolutely in love with my new BB9900-2!. But then I hear this constant beep. Where is that coming from? Is my new BB9900-2 defective?? Ug, I awake from an awesome dream. Darn darn darn (no, I am not knitting here). Bummer it was a dream. I ran to my desk to find my BB10's still intact and no hammer in site. whew. Only a dream but what a dream. I guess I am still hooked on my BB99x0 devices.
    And how was your night? lol
    07-30-14 05:51 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    For a minute I thought how did I miss a new device?? haha
    07-30-14 08:19 AM

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