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    This is a bit of a rant. Not against the PB! I love my PB lol. Was up at 430 d/l the update!

    Anyways... started my last level of my apprenticeship. We are forced to take a 'basics' computer course.. 'how to turn on a computer' 'how to send an email' that kinda garbage. So the teacher (IT Tech) is showing slides and talking about different types of computers, and OS's. Then he gets to a tablet slide. Asks if anyone has one. I put up my hand saying the PlayBook. He stats talking about QNX and iOS. Saying how he knows that the iPad is the best tablet out there.. i kinda laughed then he looked at me.. "you do know BlackBerry stopped making the Playbook and all of their phones! dont you?" i got kinda confused then he started goin on a rant about anyone looking to get a new phone - dont buy a BB since RIM already sold the BlackBerry portion of the company. I didnt know what to say so i just shook my head.

    Class ends i go up to chat with him. "Where did you hear this that BlackBerry is sold?" he responds "CNN, they had a news segment last October" my jaw dropped and i kinda laughed. "guess you dont know they have a new President and CEO which already stated they arent going to sell anything" - "uh uh uh well they do have good security!" lol so i left it at that. Kinda pissed me off hearing all this and then to find out it was from CNN last year! Guess he doesnt keep up with tech news. I told him id bring in my PB and show him since he didnt really know much about it!
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    02-21-12 05:17 PM
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    Ignorance is bliss

    Good that you gave him a reality check
    02-21-12 05:19 PM
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    Show and tell with you and the PB at the front of the class.

    I like it.
    02-21-12 05:19 PM
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    02-21-12 05:24 PM
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    That teacher is such a dumm ficken... Pardon my German
    02-21-12 05:39 PM