04-28-10 05:57 PM
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  1. LazyStarGazer's Avatar
    they dont like you cause your blue
    The color of my skin should not be an issue!!!

    Wait. Maybe it's my freaky colored contacts.
    04-14-10 12:08 PM
  2. KasiCatastrophe's Avatar
    Personally, I wouldn't be offended by it. But, chances are you'll run into someone somewhere that is.

    I'm going to get a shirt that says "I'm not racist, I hate everyone equally".
    I had a shirt that said "I don't discriminate; I hate everyone" back in HS. Wish I still had it today.

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    04-14-10 03:28 PM
  3. KillYouWithMyMind's Avatar
    I had a shirt that said "I don't discriminate; I hate everyone" back in HS. Wish I still had it today.
    I had the keychain, also wish I still had it today.
    04-15-10 10:09 AM
  4. fcknbambola's Avatar
    I'm black, & I don't think I'd necessarily be offended. I'd probably think you were a **** though. I'd wonder what the point was of you broadcasting that you <3 blacks & would probably conclude you were being an ***. That's probably where the danger comes in, most people would get offensive wondering if you're 'trying to be funny'.

    It's not really a tasteful shirt, IMHO.

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    04-15-10 10:31 AM
  5. BoldtotheMax's Avatar
    I will never understand why people would ask for either trouble or trying to be the center of attention....I am sure everyone could tell ya not to where it, but people that ask silly questions like this defend it and will wear it....

    Go on with your bad self!

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    04-21-10 09:29 PM
  6. FearFormsFunction's Avatar
    I personally would find no offense in this shirt, but if I saw someone wearing such a shirt it would most definitely set off some sort of alarm in my head. Ergo being the only reason as to why I might possibly find such an individual distasteful and if your goal was in fact to be humorous there's far more witty ways to go about achieving this. That being stated I say do as you please in the end.
    04-21-10 10:02 PM
  7. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    My idea was better! You lose! 1 suck point for Jason!
    Jason's a lucky guy. How many suck points does it take?

    Alex, the shirt idea I find silly, but if it feels right to you, go for it. Sorry about the beating you'll receive

    WAPers do it With A Passion
    I'm many people's brother, have several BB daughters and sons,
    but I sure as heck ain't your momma!
    I'm a Survivor Baby!But the dang game fizzled out

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    04-22-10 07:50 AM
  8. bhedwards0822's Avatar
    i want to buy a shirt that says I <3 Black People

    but my mother won't let me because she thinks, not only that it will offend people (both black people and white people that dont like black people), but that i would end up getting beaten up for it.

    I dont live in a bad section of the city...i dont even live in the city. i live in a low-crime suburb. Im not exactly concerned about my safety on a daily basis. And even if someone was offended, would they seriously go far enough to want to beat me up for it?

    *for the record, im buying the shirt cause its funny, not cause i love black people. i dont hate black people though. i love and hate individuals.
    If I even questioned it I dont think I would make that purchase!
    04-28-10 05:13 PM
  9. Radius's Avatar
    Change "people" to "men" or something and you won't have to worry at all.
    04-28-10 05:57 PM
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