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    I paid 360 for an 8530? My contract is not up until 11/11. I seriously want a Blackberry ASAP but I can only get one if: 1. I purchase a new one for 360. or 2. I purchase a certified pre-owned for 140. Initially I was going to go with the pre-owned since I was told they really are like new, but now I am leaning towards the brand new one. Verizon told me that there is a great chance the phone I will get will be one that someone returned within the 30 day window and just did not like it. It will be like new but they can't sell it as new because someone previously owned it. Then I was told that there was a great chance it would be one of these, but they could not guarantee me that it was one that was returned and NOT one that was returned due to issues with the phone. So now I am thinking of actually paying 360 for a brand new 8530.

    Would I be ridiculous if I did so?

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    07-10-10 11:18 AM
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    That's a lot of money for a pretty outdated BB. Some people may tell you differently, but eBay is generally a good place to get a deal as long as you're careful. I'd get the Certified Pre-Owned if they're willing to give you one of those. I thought the only way to get one of those was to lose or break your current phone and not have insurance. Anyway, check into the pre-owned because I think it makes more sense, they're in perfect condition when you get them.
    07-11-10 01:18 AM
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    I would say get pre-owned or check out ebay like the person said. I've bought many of my phones from ebay & then just called (but i have sprint) and had it connected. Also, does Verizon do service & repair if something goes wrong w/ the phone for free? If so, then you should be fine even if you buy something pre-owned and it messes up. I don't think it's worth $360, but, ultimately it's your decision! Good luck
    07-11-10 01:52 AM
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    So after all the fussing I go to Verizon and was told that I actually do not qualify for a CPO phone. Every VZW representative tells me something different. Apparently my only option is to buy at full retail price. Also, while I was there, I checked out the Bold and I actually like the keypad on the Bold better than the Curve. The Bold is 510 and the Curve is 360. So I left with no new phone and now I do not know what to do....

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    07-11-10 03:19 PM