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    this is gonna be very long and possibly quite boring..but im in a contimplateive mood and i dont have anywhere else to post it that no one really knows me..haha

    has anyone ever tried a working holiday before?
    My friend and i attempted it..last year. in the country of our dreams.
    we had been dreaming about ireland for 7 years, and finally got the guts to do a working holiday over there.
    in the end nothign worked out as we planned.
    we went seperatly, a month apart.
    each desided that a working holiday wasnt for us, and insted toured around on our own for 2 months.
    and came home.

    It was a big disapointment, and having to face family and friends and say "hey ...we know we said we were moving to ireland for a year butttt we're coming home" was probably the hardest part. we knew in our hearts we were makeing the right decision but telling everyone else..wow.

    Well a years gone by, we still look back with mixed feeligns. biggest adventure in our lives..no regrets whatso ever woudlnt change a thing, yet when you tell the story "yeah i ewnt to ireland for 2 months..was supposed to be a year ...but..." it sucks. it sucks having that bit.
    we faild...we learnd and 'flew ' in so many different ways but in the end..we faild at what we went out to do.

    like i said a years gone by, we're going out this weekend to celebrate my one year of landing in ireland.

    i found myself in a irish store downtown this weekend, and felt so sad. i wanted to go back..ive been wanting to go back for a while. i miss it. And i dont understand that feeling.
    I spent 2 months in ireland in a home sick daze..hateing almost everything that wasnt familure.
    and now ...all i wanna do is go back.

    So for the past week ive been conimplateing.. toying with the idea..even if its just to comfort myself.
    of MAYBE doing it again.
    but doing it differetnly.

    three major mistakes we made in the last trip was

    1) chooseing the city to live in before we ever set foot there. i had my house and everythign before i landed in ireland. I hated the place i chose. it felt icolated and rural, the house wasnt even near the town.
    2) Expectations. TElling ourselves and people we knew that we were going fora year.
    3)The time of year. It acutally was GORGOUS weather..think ireland...it didnt rain at all when iw as there(well when i was on bus's but by the time the bus stopped it was sunny so who cares :P) but if i was to attempt a working holiday..id choose january that way your not away from family at christmas.

    It woudlnt be for a year and half if i did re attempt it. because i need some $$ but if hte hardest part of coming home was telling everyone we were...
    what would they think if i was to tell them i was gonna attempt it again.
    im not even sure what *I* think of it..haha. if i was so lost over there the first tiem what makes the 2nd time look any better?

    but we'll see.
    08-26-08 03:10 PM