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    Will.I.Am unveiled the Puls, a voice-enabled smart watch that can make phone calls without pairing with your phone. The design of the wearable is interesting, as it definitely stands out. But what stands out the most (to me, at least) is the gesture enabled keyboard which uses direction-based swipes for added convenience... sounds familiar?

    Will.I.Am Inspired by BlackBerry-puls-1.jpg
    Video Demo of Keyboard: https://mtc.cdn.vine.co/r/videos/20F...iKfY2sX8Ve9GLE

    "Swipe over letters and the keyboard predicts the words you want, swipe up to add them to your message. A swipe to the right enters a space while a swipe to the left deletes a character." (Mashable)

    What do you think about the watch and the keyboard? A mere coincidence or definitely inspired by BlackBerry? You can read the full article here (via Mashable): Hands on With the Puls, Will.i.am's Connected Wearable
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    10-16-14 08:29 AM
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    Exactly like the bb10 keyboard gestures lol

    Edit: after watching the videos, it only deletes one letter at a time. It's not that great

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    10-16-14 12:30 PM

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