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    I've been a BB user for a few years now. I feel like I got in the game late with a 8330, but it's whatever I rocked like there was no tomorrow. Recently I upgraded to a slick 9930, but I don't think the powers that be, wherever they may be, wants me to have one. I got my first 9930 about a week after it dropped stateside, and was in love. Then I decided to make the mistake(?) of using my phone during a concert in atlanta, it was knocked out of my hand in and into there mud where it was appropriately trampled. Fortunately I had insurance and it was a quick fix. Got a replacement BB and was good to go. Then last week while out in california, my precious BB was taken from me again. This time in a more literal sense. I put my phone down while at a random gas station. Not TWO minutes later did "someone" come by and take it. I thought I had insurance still, but when I rejoined my family's family plan, I was cut out without me being aware. Additionally, I'm not due for an upgrade until December. So basically, I have to get a phone out of contract on my own.

    I want BB10 as do most people, so I'm not going to blow my upgrade too early. Rather than force the issue with another bb, instead I'll use this as an opportunity to take a chance on another platform. I thought iphone, but having played with it before, I think it's a lil too basic for me, so I've gone android.

    Don't feel bad for me I'll be back, but I think this foray into other platforms will be good for me. I'll see what makes other platforms good, and then I'll be able to really defend what I like about BB to other platform enthusiasts. I'll definitely still browse, but I guess I gotta go make a android central profile.

    Take care guys, speak soon!
    10-25-12 03:12 PM

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