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    This thread is NOT intended to create a flame war, it's just a question which has baffled me for years since Apple started to become popular. The motive which drove me to ask this is because one of my friends used to be a die hard RIM fan, until he got an iPhone. Since then, he swiftly made fun of and started cussing down Android, Windows, Linux and even RIM, claiming that Apple was the better company in cellular communications, computers and software. There are fans of RIM, Windows, Linux, Apple, Nokia, Android etc. and all can get along with each other. It's just the fact that the majority of extremists come from Apple's side. I've never experienced and RIM fan or Windows fan slagging off another company as much as Apple fans do. Are they trying to defend something? Trying to hide something?

    Attached are two screenshots of a small part of a conversation I had when I wrote on my wall that I was excited that PlayBook OS 2.0 had been released. My name has been blanked out in white, my Apple friend's name is blanked out in red and another friend's name is blanked out in green.

    I could have gone on about how iMessage probably wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for BlackBerry Messenger or how Word Shortcuts probably wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Auto Text or how a compiled email inbox from all email clients probably wouldn't have happened without 'inspiration' from RIM's email system etc.
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    Unix is the answer. Best os, apple and linux on unix.
    Features like multiple desktop or bouncing icons were on linux years ago.
    Linux is not populair under normal people because not alot of support(apps/games)and because its free.
    People still thinks expensive things are better.
    If apple is so good why it has a feature to run windows on it? If its so good why people can run a dual boot on it.
    People are still talking about webdesigning is better on apple, but there was a benchmark test on the net about apple, that win7 apps(photoshop and some games) were faster and smoother on win7 then on mac osx. Even with bootcamp.
    So people buy a macbook install win7 on it trough bootcamp and photoshop runs faster on the win7 then on mac osx. Pretty odd isn't
    02-26-12 08:01 PM
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    Basically that is how it is with people that are fans of pretty much anything. Toys, authors, cars, building materials, etc ... etc.

    For me it does not matter why one product came into being, compared to another product, or which came first App A or app X. If the fans of Apple products want to say their product is better, or another product is not as good. It would not help to change their feelings, if I point out the messages or tech blogs about the problems of using their fave product(s) or the problems or non fixes about issues of their product(s). All the electronic products out there, have their good and not so good points, problems and maddening issues.

    When a person has to resort to making fun of something (especially having never owned or actually used a product), you will have to consider the source. And cussing a company product is at best silly, but makes for interesting debates I suppose.
    02-26-12 08:02 PM
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    I dont know if you, you guys know but the Iphone is not the first apple cellphone.
    There is one man who helped apple alot and thats steve jobs, without him maybe apple could close his doors.
    02-26-12 08:11 PM
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    Don't you get the device that you think is best (all things being equal)?

    Point being...how many current BB users think their devices aren't the best devices out there?

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    02-26-12 08:32 PM
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    Indeed, i dont know if im right but your searching a phone for your own usage. And not for its the best or not
    02-27-12 03:09 AM
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    "Better than mine" "better than yours" things really cause feuds. It's not a good idea or step to take.

    I love all of my devices, I don't want to or ever will buy anything apple unless it is given to me as a gift. What tailiers to me s to be customizable and has the ability to use more than one operating system, from the bottom up. Tablets are excepemted from that rule.

    Heck, if it works for me, I'm satisfied. If it works for somebody else or they ask me if they should get it, I'll recommend it, or ask them to try it out before making a decision to make sure it really and truly meets their needs.
    02-29-12 10:44 AM
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    There are extremists on ALL sides!
    02-29-12 12:29 PM