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    ...now that they've started collecting sales tax? This question has been really bugging me for a couple of days.

    A bit of context:

    -Amazon has started collecting sales tax in California (where I live), as of September 15th. CA is one of the "self reporting" states when it comes to paying sales tax on online purchases that aren't taxed by the seller.

    -I don't have Prime. So anything under $25 will cost me $3 in shipping, and 5-8 days in waiting. It would cost me less in gas to go to the local Costco, Target, Best Buy and Walmart in town.

    -I don't return anything, so I rarely interact with their supposedly amazing CS.

    -Usually there isn't that much of a price difference in items I most often buy (movies and electronics.)

    Come upgrade time, I was going to go through Amazon Wireless because of the whole sales tax issue (let's just say my reporting is...dismal ), but now I'm not sure. Costco charges tax on the discounted price of phones, as opposed to the retail price that other sellers do, so I'll have to take a closer look at them.

    Anyone have anything to add? I know Amazon charges tax in a bunch of other states so someone else must have had to make the same decision.
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    Even "with" taxes(i don't know nothing about it) i bought a 5 metters micro hdmi for hdmi for half the price of a 1,5 mts one at the store.

    If it's always like this, i don't mindo to pay taxes...

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    09-15-12 07:01 PM
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    Amazon has this policy in place (for now), that third party sellers who use it as a storefront won't have to pay tax, unless they themselves have a physical presence in the buyer's state (this is the way eBay works as well.) Small items like cables are sold by these sellers, and they have always been cheaper than Amazon's listings. So I guess I should change my title to why buy directly from Amazon.
    09-15-12 07:11 PM
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    I have amazon prime and no sales tax - yet. Amazon opened some distribution centers here so in about 3 yrs we will have to start paying it.

    As for cables, i always buy from cables 2 go. Way cheap, on time shipping, and a vast selection.
    09-15-12 08:13 PM