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    This is actually a good thread. Many people in America don't like BlackBerry for the same reason people all around the world don't.

    The mobile market changed and BlackBerry didn't. Now os10 is here and the only reason most of us know about it is because we have been BlackBerry users for years or members of crackberry. The average American does not know anything about the new OS because of how small BlackBerry's market share is.

    This holds true around the whole world. Same story different places.

    Yes, I am an American incase you were wondering.

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    Not sure why you folks are jumping on the OP.. Can't just answer him so you have to put him down? TYPICAL!!! American media for many many years has shut down and insulted pretty much every country around them. I always find it funny how short a temper they have themselves with comebacks. Yes there's a lot of people in the states and not everyone fits in the pot, but if you can dish it then you should be able to take it just a bit no? Everyone else has to... Defend yourselves with words of wisdom not words of hate!

    OP , this is why Americans hate Blackberry




    Just a few examples of how the media in the states is ovewrwhelmingly ruthless towards truth and facts, and looks to make news not sell news nowadays. Its not completely the fault of the population they are misinformed, but looking from outside the box the US media (and British media) has gotten out of hand.

    Toronto's mayor was just recently slandered by a US media outlet and for the first time in history the Canadian media did some American media style reporting. There was a huge backlash by the population here and the Canadian media was pretty much forced to abandon their agenda and apologize.

    Everything is media driven, it's our responsibility to do our due diligence and see past it for the truth. Outside the states, most of the world population has a good grasp on this. But unfortunately the American pollution shows by actions that they strongly believe what they hear. Its pretty bad when they believe their unelected and biased media over their own elected government.

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    Your error is in thinking the OP can or will read your response.

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