06-16-13 01:25 AM
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  1. TaylorFox's Avatar
    Charging on my nightstand...inches away...in "normal" mode
    12-25-09 05:37 AM
  2. mjizzle's Avatar
    I let my BlackBerrys have time to themselves by letting them sleep on their own beds: their charging cradles!
    12-25-09 01:43 PM
  3. NeonLemmyKoopa's Avatar
    Either next to my pillow or on the floor next to my bed (which is just a mattress on the floor). I have it in normal mode or vibrate depending on the day.
    12-25-09 08:42 PM
  4. doctorsid's Avatar
    I set it to auto off... and auto on in teh morning. It more or less acts like an alarm clock, cause when it comes on, I start getting the emails from clients that sent them before I got up.
    12-25-09 08:46 PM
  5. Jude526's Avatar
    charging and I don't use it while I am sleeping. I don't want my sleep disturbed.
    My cat wakes me up early as it is HA ! I don't need my BB waking me.
    12-25-09 09:45 PM
  6. Robo_Penguin's Avatar
    next to my bed, it serves as an awesome alarm clock. Normal alarm clocks can not play the bubblebobble theme but my phone does, and if anyone knows that song, it grows more and more annoying as time goes by lol.
    12-26-09 08:00 AM
  7. twester65's Avatar
    Next to my laptop in the other room, powered off. Auto on/off is a nice feature.
    12-26-09 06:14 PM
  8. Blackberrybrasco's Avatar
    On my pillow next to my head, its my secondary alarm.

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    12-28-09 07:37 PM
  9. crissbee's Avatar
    On my pillow next to my head, its my secondary alarm.

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    Same its always placed right next to my pillow
    12-29-09 11:53 PM
  10. imroswell's Avatar
    Under my pillow, unless its charging, then it should be next to my bed.
    01-03-10 12:05 PM
  11. michikade's Avatar
    Mine is my alarm clock. It sits on the right side facing post of my headboard next to where I sleep so I can hear it go off.

    My alerts are all fairly quiet so I don't hear emails, facebook, sms, etc going off all night (I've learned to ignore it) but my alarm is extremely loud.
    01-03-10 01:38 PM
  12. TSM2's Avatar
    next to me, silent unless its a L1 email then its like a frikin claxon trying to wake me up, but ive got a good reason for this, its part of my 24x7 job, grrr
    would be better if it went because someone wanted to speak to me and not just because a computer is complaining thats its broke
    01-05-10 02:37 PM
  13. RokkBold's Avatar
    under my pillow or in my hand as i usually fall asleep texting.
    01-05-10 06:54 PM
  14. MindTracker's Avatar
    Right next to me!!!! NOT on silent!! Im pathetic, and too much of a crackberry addict to want any help for my addiction!! Lol....
    01-05-10 11:18 PM
  15. kaseyb2's Avatar
    on the bed next to me
    01-06-10 02:37 PM
  16. Dreamytr's Avatar
    either on the nightstand on silent, off or in another room charging
    01-06-10 08:07 PM
  17. 70roadrunner's Avatar
    In a charging cradle beside my bed .. it's my clock and alarm
    01-06-10 09:41 PM
  18. FireFighterIAFF179's Avatar
    We'll this is turning into a sore point in my life! 20 nights a month when I'm at home I could care less where it is, but the 10 nights when I'm at the station I like to have it near me in case we get a call. I've gotten spoiled by it and can't leave anywhere without it.

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    01-06-10 10:23 PM
  19. ComfortablyNumb's Avatar
    I sleep with it charging on the nightstand beside the bed.
    01-06-10 10:24 PM
  20. smz's Avatar
    next to me, i use it as an alarm. sometimes when i woke up to find that i slept on it, wonder how it moved overnight? haha
    01-08-10 09:02 AM
  21. Dyzrv's Avatar
    On my night stand on charger

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    01-08-10 09:54 AM
  22. Msvoluptous's Avatar
    Next to me lol it shares a pillow with me I know I have it bad...SIGH
    01-09-10 04:39 AM
  23. dx169's Avatar
    I leave it under my pillow just like you OP! I have it on bedside mode so only phone calls and alarms vibrate and ring. All other messages are silent.
    01-09-10 10:06 PM
  24. Angel0607's Avatar
    On the nightstand next to me on 'loud'. Its the only way people can get a hold of me if anything happens so its always on.
    01-10-10 02:51 AM
  25. gmz73's Avatar
    A pillow for me and one for my blackberry!
    01-10-10 05:49 PM
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