06-16-13 01:25 AM
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  1. IowaGuyBB's Avatar
    Bed side table waiting to wake me in the morning....also the first thing I reach for hehe! (GOTS TO READ MY EMAILS ZOMG!!!!!!)

    03-19-09 01:50 PM
  2. eve6er69's Avatar
    on the floor next to the bed.
    i have a high bed and if it falls i would be scared.
    i have the top bunk bed, jk, lol
    03-19-09 02:16 PM
  3. LeeLu's Avatar
    on my night table right beside my bed LOL and its never far ever. ever. LOL
    03-19-09 02:18 PM
  4. Pre-dawn raid's Avatar
    On my bedside table, in the BB charging pod, lit up with BBlight, and showing my big colorful Vorino clock so I can see what time it is instantly if my eyes pop open.
    03-19-09 02:22 PM
  5. star21's Avatar
    Charger, on nightstand.

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    03-19-09 02:23 PM
  6. chiguy_2002's Avatar
    On Nightstand, in bedside mode, also with custom sound profile, with a very low ringer, no vibration or LED, only for phone calls.
    03-19-09 02:26 PM
  7. Xpimp's Avatar
    On my nightstand
    03-19-09 02:31 PM
  8. username0022's Avatar
    Nightstand. Dreaming of all the fun stuff that we did during the day.
    03-19-09 02:35 PM
  9. txladi29's Avatar
    On its charger under my pillow. It's my 2nd alarm clock. I'm just NOT a morning person.
    03-19-09 02:47 PM
  10. Telus Toronto's Avatar
    in my bed either charging or not.
    I use it as an alarm too.
    03-19-09 02:51 PM
  11. rosa109's Avatar
    Next to my pillow on silent charging when it should be lol.

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    03-19-09 02:58 PM
  12. ripnburn69's Avatar
    On the night stand set on phone only. Have had problems with drunk friends texting at 2am. This way family can find me in emegencey,but drunks that can't tell time can't.

    Then the alarm wakes me up.

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    03-19-09 02:59 PM
  13. thinkamp's Avatar
    on the right side of my bed next to my laptop.
    03-19-09 03:04 PM
  14. dragonsamus's Avatar
    Charging on the bed next to me.

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    03-19-09 03:08 PM
  15. Smooth69Style's Avatar

    My blackberry stays right at my head at night, always within arms reach.
    03-19-09 03:59 PM
  16. johnmorganjr1's Avatar
    On the bed right next to my pillow.

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    03-19-09 04:09 PM
  17. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    On my nightstand, right next to my pistol...
    03-19-09 04:17 PM
  18. CountCrackula's Avatar
    Charging next to my bed in bedside mode or in my hand while I'm passed out
    03-19-09 04:27 PM
  19. impalass96's Avatar
    Next to my night-light!
    03-19-09 04:32 PM
  20. jonduran86's Avatar
    On my nightstand set to loud. I'm a heavy sleeper so I really don't hear nothing once I'm in my sleeping zone
    03-19-09 05:11 PM
  21. Speedv1's Avatar
    Nightstand.. plugged in (OBviously :P)
    03-19-09 05:26 PM
  22. alvarezjpr's Avatar
    In bed between me and my wife. Priorities!

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    03-19-09 06:16 PM
  23. TheU's Avatar
    By my bed, where else
    03-19-09 06:19 PM
  24. wpwren's Avatar
    On the pillow to my right with the covers up to the trackball.
    03-19-09 06:23 PM
  25. mlo22's Avatar
    either on the floor next to my bed or on the bed with me..
    03-19-09 06:26 PM
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