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    So today I was looking at the news which were featuring an extended coverage on the recent event of the 33 chilean miners trapped for..... you guessed it, 33 days. Amazing stuff how everybody as a nation worked together to get these men back home to their families. I applaud them all. And this got me thinking, how is it that in chile a miner is stranded government cares enough for a miner that it makes whatever resources it has possible to free these men from their potential underground tomb. Yet here we are in the big almighty US of A and we can't get our own miners out because we don't have the resources? What kind of Bs is that if there is enough money to fund a war,why can't we get our miners (who this war is supposed to be protecting ) out of a mine. I am not trying to take away anything from the chilean's triumph, but its really sad that companies and government let men die because it was too hard to try. Wow ........ now that is a tragedy.

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    All the benefits of industrialization haven't done much to reinforce the concept of the value of any life. We've been talking about negligence in one of my classes, and how companies weigh the cost of paying for a loss of human life against the chances of harm and the cost of prevention. I'm sure not everyone does it, but obviously enough do that part of my ridiculously expensive education has to address it.
    10-15-10 12:27 AM
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    It's strange how the government works and how many get rescued sans people blowing others up with bombs, taking more lives than 33 miners.

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    10-15-10 01:42 AM
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    I think in this great country of us, money is so important that perhaps lets say 33 lives are worth nothing compare to what they have to spent if they were to save them.
    Tragic but that how capitalism works here (I'm not a communist or anything like that)
    Big word to never forget MONEY, MONEY that what matters here.
    10-15-10 04:23 AM
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    Actually, the Chilean miners were trapped for 69 days. It's really unbelievable. The president of Chile was actually present for the whole operation, supervising and aiding in the effort. And the Steve Jobs is giving each of them a free iPod touch.
    Wonder what Obama would do.
    10-15-10 05:43 PM
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    He'll let us pay their health care

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    10-15-10 05:44 PM