09-09-14 02:37 PM
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  1. rationalreason's Avatar
    generic ringtone - renegade - jay z
    pin - benny hill theme
    email - nokia mix/scratch
    sms/mms - codec
    07-11-08 10:40 PM
  2. DeLaSoul's Avatar
    Riot Van Demo by Arctic Monkeys

    Does anyone know how to convert a .band file (garageband) to an .mp3?
    I cut down a bunch of songs for ringtones, but cannot convert them once I export the songs from Garageband to iTunes (there is a way to do it, I just haven't found detailed instructions).
    07-11-08 10:51 PM
  3. cate's Avatar
    Best friends- Don't Stop Believin' by Journey
    CA friends- Church by T-Pain
    Default - Hometown Glory by Adele

    I love ringtones, lol.
    07-11-08 11:30 PM
  4. kristinlynn's Avatar
    My default is Crushcrushcrush - Paramore.

    My parents' would be Home - Daughtry.

    One of my friends wanted her's to be Loser - Beck, due to an inside joke. Another friend is Hotel California - The Eagles, due to an inside joke.

    Also have various other ringers when I feel like changing. Settlin - Sugarland, Broken - Seether & Amy Lee, Until the End - Breaking Benjamin, Never Too Late - Three Days Grace. All depends on my mood.
    07-11-08 11:36 PM
  5. mithhaven's Avatar
    Big pimpin by jay z but it changes all the time
    07-11-08 11:55 PM
  6. Crucial_Xtreme's Avatar
    Phone: 24's CTU ringtone
    BBM: Tony Sopranos ringtone
    Msgs. BB_Notifier_Nymph
    07-12-08 01:23 AM
  7. lillyxavier's Avatar
    The theme music from Halloween. Its my favorite movie.
    07-12-08 01:56 AM
  8. NancyDrew's Avatar
    The theme music from Halloween. Its my favorite movie.
    Me too! I am obsessed with Halloween. I actually have Michael Meyers nightmares on a monthly basis. I use that ringtone too.

    I also use Super Mario sounds for my message alerts.
    07-12-08 01:58 AM
  9. sdlphotography07's Avatar
    My Main One is Am I Missing by Dashboard Confessional

    Friend 1: California Love by 2Pac
    Friend 2: In the Dark by Tiesto
    Friend 3: Le Disko by Shiny Toy Guns
    Mom: Across the Universe by John Lennon

    the four people that call me the most...
    07-12-08 02:02 AM
  10. WackBerry's Avatar
    Night rider theme is my main ringtone
    Not sure the others.....
    Forever-Chris Brown is my BBM tone
    07-19-08 01:41 AM
  11. jcozzitorto's Avatar
    Slide by the Goo Goo Dolls
    07-19-08 06:21 PM
  12. by1333's Avatar
    SkyZoo--Stop Fooling Yourself...
    07-24-08 01:29 PM
  13. mckaymike's Avatar
    Right now it Northstar-Pollyanna, but I'm getting sick of it.
    07-24-08 02:55 PM
  14. Heresy's Avatar
    Custom made Jimmy Norton."ring dingy dingy pick up the phone ****!"
    07-24-08 04:07 PM
  15. _Diimplez_'s Avatar
    Lil Mama... What it is...<<<<This song rocks!!!!
    07-24-08 10:13 PM
  16. forthefoxes's Avatar
    My default is Can't Tell Me Nothin by Kanye West because it reminds me of the hilarious video that Zach Galifianakis did (youtube it).

    My friends: Six by All That Remains, Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash, 94 Hours by As I Lay Dying, Misery Business by Paramore.

    Mom: Parents Just Don't Understand by Fresh Prince
    Dad: NFL Theme

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    07-25-08 12:29 AM
  17. geniemedias's Avatar
    I use: Evren - DO I GO
    07-25-08 10:31 AM
  18. ChihuaLover's Avatar
    Wonder Pets - the phone is ringing

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    07-27-08 06:08 AM
  19. makinyoumelt's Avatar
    HotNcold by katy perry is my default ringer. My bf's tone is something special by usher and my bff's tone is drive slow by kanye west. Random tones I know lol.

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    07-27-08 06:18 AM
  20. Chrisy's Avatar
    Default: star spangled banner, jimi hendrix.

    For hubby: the office, theme song.

    For family: hey jude, the beatles.

    Friends: three little birds, bob marley.

    Special: thriller, michael jackson.

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    07-27-08 06:21 AM
  21. jbubble89's Avatar
    All mi frinz and loved 1'z have specific ringtonez but mi main 1 4 unknownz iz:

    Shut Up And Let Me Go-The Ting Tingz

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    07-27-08 07:28 AM
  22. fyrfyter's Avatar
    3 Doors Down - It's Not My Time is mine. Its fun to rip songs, and then customize your own ringtones. I use CyberPower Audio editing lab.
    07-27-08 09:49 AM
  23. CardiacSmashin's Avatar
    The Classic ring tone on a new age smartphone, its just smooth.. Standing in line and this clissic ring protrudes from my pocket, as if im next to a old phone booth, and out comes the CrackBerry. Oh except when my wife calls, then its the "Warning its the Wife" siren... lmao, and Sandstorm for my Brother..
    07-27-08 09:55 AM
  24. BigGirLoca's Avatar
    My ringtone is T.I. Swing ya Rag

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    07-27-08 10:19 AM
  25. itsajdamnit's Avatar
    My main is a little piece of heaven by avenged sevenfold.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    07-27-08 10:23 AM
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